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X Box challenge (service to community).

Thursday saw two Gipps Guides helping out at the X-box challenge.  The day was planned as part of the Independant Compass Award participants skills challenge section.  So Rebecca ran the kitchen. (Very successfully too I might add!)  Cordinated activities and behaviours when things did not go as planned for the participants.  Jess was able to take up the slack and assisted in keeping the younger visitors happy and when necessary distrated.

Over all at lot was learned through the day.Things like it takes more than just rocking up and expecting the day to be all set and ready to go.  Now for Grades five and six  (10 to 12 year olds) this is a major organisational shock.  Suddenly they are doing it themselves.  Oh boy. 

Then theres the knowing of what needs to be done before time, and the communication with parents, the community, your friends and general public. What about the deligation of jobs??  So the Gipps Guides saw a need, stepped in while these skills were being initiated, pulled on partners support, and yes, they will be there on January 14th 2010 when the next challenge is open to the public.

October 3, 2009 - Posted by | Gipps Guides, organisaing, role perceptions, skills, x box

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