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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Steps for your Olave Baden Powell Award journey

• The following steps are to make things easier for the Gipps Guide members who wish to begin the Olave Baden-Powell Award.

• Are you a registered Gipps Guide member?
• Do you realise that being a Gipps Guide member you are part of the Olave Program of Guiding? Known as Senior Guides. (Youth Members being the Junior Guides)
• Have you read the Olave Broacher?
• Spoken to the others in the Olave Program?
o Gone on line to Yahoo or Face book and spoken to others in the Olave Program?
• Spoken to others in the Gipps Guides about what your interests are? What you would like to pursue? How this would be a challenge to you? This is your journey, supported by friend, strangers you have not yet met, and a community of people that is as wide as the world is large.
• About here have you made or reaffirmed your Girl Guide Promise?
• Worked out a time line for completing each step along the way. You have six years from beginning to final completion –unless of course you turn 30 before hand.
• Been peer assessed as to their acceptance of your challenges you want to undertake.
• Registered your interest in the Olave Baden-Powell Award? Sent this registration of intent, the time line down to Melbourne Guide Centre?
• During your journey along through the Award keep your peers informed of your progress. There are so many ways of doing this challenging your self to think and do various presentations.
• Include others. Be part of a team.
• Has your Olave Award Journey been enjoyable, funny, satisfying, frustrating, life changing, (whose and in what way?). Have you personally grown through even attempting the award?
• Remember that when you think it is ‘just too hard’ there have been others who have trod the road you are journeying along. Some have, some haven’t. But no matter what there has been change.
• Once your peer assessment has accepted that you have met your objectives send the completion papers down to Melbourne Guide Centre.

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