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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Jess has selected to do

Section 1: Personal
No 2) A child care course aimed at infants and young children.
Section 2: Practical
No 2) Work on developing communication means within the Gipps Guides. The main objectives are
A) to promote and use communication methods to assist all involved.
B) to encourage others with in the Gipps Guides to make comments
thereby enhancing what each are setting out to do.
c) to keep communication lines open.
d) to work at bettering Gipps Guides.
e) to open up the world of Guiding opportunities to all members.
f) to part of the Gipps Guide team.
Section 3: Social
No 4) to write an article about the positive and negative effects of technology, family, peer groups, community and organizations have on a person who is growing up with frontal lobal issues such as aspbergers.
Section 4: Physical
No 4)learning how to swim is important and a challenge Jess would like to take up. So discussions, displays and practical group water activities are something that Jess will be included in and assisting to organize.
Section 5: Service.
No the disadvantaged group that Jess is to work with are covers the lack of an accessible playgroup within her community. Some young family around have young children and no complete circuit transport. Opening a playgroup early in 2010 is an option that is achievable and needed.
Section 6: Further development.
etiquette Given the social- economic aspect of the community bringing through forms of ceremony and decorum: social observances is a challenge. Especially as the challenge involves multi-cultural, indiginous Australian, as well as the different situational aspects of every day, party, business and ‘classy’ life etiquette. After all who ever heard of eating at fast food chains in a tux?

Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

October 26, 2009 - Posted by | OB-P, Olave Baden-Powell Award

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