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Samars OB-P section choices

Samar has chosen the sections she would like to work through for her Olave Baden-Powell award.

Section 1 : Personal.
No ? Samar has yet to get back to me on this.
Section 2 : Practical.
No 5) Working with other Gipps Guides to really get the Unit active and moving is a real challenge for Samar. This will include her Presidency and the development of a communication medium for all to use.
Section 3: Social.
No 3) Attend the Girls Rock forum and actively participate in it. Then hold a discussion with your peer group on the reasons for this choice, what she learned and how this knowledge can be used.
Section 4 : Physical.
No 4)Swimming is a new physical activity for a period of three months. Samars ultimate Goal is to be able to canoe. During this time she be discussing her progress with the other Gipps Guides. Maybe on line through the Guides Face book too. A report will be submitted at the end of this time.

Section 5 :Service.
No 2) Initially the disadvantaged group Samar has chosen is the Parkistani community. The challenge of how Samar is to make a contribution to this group over a period of six months is yet to be decided. Once this initial part of her challenge is worked out then research and the preparation of her report can move forward.
Section 6: Further Development.
In all honesty I cannot remember what this was.

October 26, 2009 - Posted by | O B-P., Olave Baden-Powell Award

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