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lollie cake

Good team work for the younger Guides. they love scrunching and bashing things up. Be sure to divide the biscuits into two teams. Bag the biscuits into several layers of plastic bags before the Guides start banging the biscuits with the intention of crumbling them into smaller editble pieces. Not a fine powder though.

Guides like taking it in turns to stir, add and mix things together.

they may take the glad rapped mix home…if it makes it there and refrigerate it in their own fridge. Have not known this to successfully happen yet though. Cake is terrific if the Guides are at a camp. It actually eventuates into refrigerated cake slices.

• 120 grams of butter
• 250 grams of malt biscuits (one packet)
• 180 grams of Fruit Puffs (one packet)
• 1/2 tin condensed milk
• Some shredded coconut
Some cinnamon added when scrunching up malt biscuits

Scronch up the biscuits real good.

Now warm the butter and condensed milk in the microwave.
Chop up the fruit puffs. Not too small.
Put the fruit puffs in the bowl with the scronched biscuits.
Pour in the butter and condensed milk.
Stir with a wooden spoon.
Continue until well mixed.
Spread some coconut out on the bench, and put the mixture on top.
Roll it around until it has coconut all over the outside, then form it into a log.
Place on a tray in the fridge to congeal. This takes a few hours.
After that, it’s a good idea to cover the lolly cake with glad wrap to prevent it drying out too much.

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