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Pin wheels

Basic recipe is easy. The taste varies with the added flavors and meets included. A very hands on messy and gooey job is cooking!!! Get recipe as it is simplicity it self. Enables time also for adults to ‘encourage’ the consumers to go clean up kitchen area/ reaffirm kitchen safety and occ. health while pin wheels are ready and waiting or cooking.

4 sheets of pre-rolled pastry.
500g mince (any variety but not laced with fat globs!.)
1 cup flour.
2 eggs.
big dash of mixed herbs.
100 ml approx milk

oil to grease trays.

1. Lay out pastry sheets so that they are chilled (not frozen) and easy to work with.
2. Into large bowl place the ingredients.
3. Mix together.
4. Spread onto pastry sheets.
5. Cook at 220 deg C until golden brown.
6. Place on plate.
7. Have individual plates and toppings on side table.


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  1. […] Guide meeting the topic of conversation ranged from what to do next meeting, different ideas for making pin wheels, learning and using more etiquette both at home and in Guide Meetings.  With or without Guests. […]

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