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Sneeking in a pillow for camp.

Some people can manage without a pillow at camp, others can not. You can make a pillow by putting your spare clothing inside a pillow case and resting the case on your shoes. This method is hard to sleep on. However you know where your clothes for the next morning are, there’s less ferreting about for them, and then you may be in the front of the shower line in am.  Also if emergency arises grab and run.
You can also get blow-up plastic ones which are light and small, or, you might like to just take a pillow with you. If you take a pillow be sure that it is protected from the weather. Put it into a garbage bag sealed with an elastic band until you use it at night.  I found these uncomfortable as when in deep sleep i moved around my head ‘thonked’ on the ground.  Then someone laughingly told me not to blow them up very much at all.  Since that time, and when I remember to pack this pillow things have gone okay for my poor head and misbegotten ears.

November 11, 2009 - Posted by | bush survival skills, Create, equipment, Hands, Investigate, Learn, make, Numbers, Outdoors, Practice, Scissors, Try

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