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Many ways of saying ‘Thank you’.

There are as many ways of saying ‘thank you’ as may be expressed. Some of the ways used are as simple as giving and sharing of thoughts, poems, letters, stories, prayers, graces, vespers,songs, actions, laughter, dance, mime, waves, energy release activities, passing a piece of something around for all to hold and savior, showing of pictures, describing events and things…. The list goes on.

Given time I think everyone should have a go at expressing every one of these communication methods.


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What’s a Guides Own?

With a group of people a very simple ceremony that says “Thank you” is a Guides Own. Usually based on a theme. You involve your own “Superior Being” and simply communicate a thanks using different communication methods.

Since every Guide has made her own Promise she is reflecting on her own beliefs. Therefor there may be a mixed bag of “Superior Ones” represented. As a participant there are many methods to show respect of everyone’s wishes and beliefs.

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Australia Day Melbourne

Australia Day celebrated as a State Event in Melbourne. This event has the Guides carrying a large Australian Flag. For this the day is primarily aimed at the BP’s, Queens Guide’s and OBPs presented the previous year. The years that I took Guides down who had achieved these Peak Achievement we had a ball. At the end of the march there we were in Government gardens joining in the festivities.

Full Uniform is worn. Take drink bottles full of water and sun hats. Make sure you are well fed before the ceremonies begin.

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Australia Day 2009

Starting usually a 7am this local event is now being held at the Hazelwood and Churchill Shopping Center. (theory of this is great) As a Hazelwood and Churchill Event it is open to all aged Guiding personal and members. Event permission forms should be handed to the Guide Leader in Charge of the Guides on the day… signed by parent or carrer.

Previous years we have been asked to face paint as an activity while people eat and catch up with friends. Other times there have been odd jobs like the handing out of flags, song sheets, readings, raising the flag / colour party [with Scouts], even taking photos.

One draw back here is that we usally do not get finalisation of anything until the week before. When we do it will be posted here. So keep an eye out and email us when if you think you are coming.

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Jota 2010 new call sign

For 2010 we will have access to a special callsign for Sunday 1100
onwards – VK100WIA. The callsign will probably be sought after overseas, and hopefully international propagation will be starting to pick up by then.

Planning for this event has already started. The radio activities will be running on the Sunday.

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and we shook hands with..

The left handshake is a Link of Unity amongst the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts the world over. Representing a let down of shields and a trust in the other person.

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