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Multi-tasking means by doing something once that something may be used for a mutitude of things. With this in mind there are fifty years worth of activities, events, evaluations, camps, service and all sorts of things that various generations of people have done. See how these things all fit in together.One person may use one event or task for one thing, another person will use it for something else. Try them, alter them, see how they work. Get back to us and make your comments known.

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Making Cubby houses

Over the years that we have had Guide meetings there have been many cubby’s made.

Some have used tables and chairs, others have had the climbing things outside. The materials for cubby making are in a box stored under the table near the office door. Big sheets of different varieties and colors.

All the building material (sheets, tables and chairs) to be dusted down,refolded up and put away before the Guides go home. Cleaning up is important in play as well. Learning to fold materials is a pre-requesite for storage of tents.

Sometimes this methods just is not right for the occasion and the Guides will concentrate on coping life’s lessons rather than build a cubby. So the wooden children’s cubby is used by all ages.

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Friends from other countries.

Two girls from another country came to our Guide meeting. Some of the girls already knew these girls from school.

They too are now members of the Guide Unit.

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Doing things

Some of the girls who came to the disco and also the dance in the third term of 2009 have joined up and are becoming Girl Guides.

When you have fun and people see that things are happening then they think it is worth it. So they too give ‘it’ a go. Then when there is more people ‘doing things’ others still want to come.

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Party Lights

During 2009 a shop had a special on. The leaders went out and spent some money on all sorts of lights to use at discos, party’s and other things.

Unfortunately the disco ball was dropped ion the first night the Guides were looking at them.

Now there are cables missing. When we have more money there will be more cables.

The equipment we have and can still use is still fun to have. The District has spare extension cords and socket extensions.

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Using the CD player.

There is a CD player where we meet. As long as the Guides organising the music show one of the leaders the C.D’s before the CD player is used then it may be used in different activities.

Even played during the meeting time if they agree.

NOTE: All the CD operators need to have their Occupational Health and Safety checks by Debbie first.

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Plan a party and invite your friends.

We planned a Dance at Guides for the end of Term three (2009).

We invited all different people. we had made invitations, and asked them to come too. Our parents asked their parents too.

We had fun, played outside, had cold drinks, lots of food, decorations and music. We also had games to play too.
The CD player was the one at the meeting room. The music was ours, The older girls organised the CD player.

Some of the girls we invited have now joined Guides.

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Churchill Festival meeting Nov 24th 2009.

The Churchill and District News Festival committee is holding a public meeting on November 24, at 5.30 at the Churchill Hub, in Phillip Parade.
At this meeting if you have any questions we hope to be able to answer them.
We, will by 28 February 2010 require a copy of your “Certificate of Currency” for all organisations with their own insurance. This is due to strict conditions which are set out from our insurance company and Latrobe City Council as part of their grant conditions.
All those who are not with an organisation which has its own insurance will be required to be registered with us to qualify for insurance cover especially acquired for the day.
With thanks
Tracey Burr

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Power Up

Rebecca has applied for a Power Up position. Sounds interesting.

There are 4 key topics.

The Power of One- Advocacy.
Power Steering – Event management.
Girl Power- PR and Media Skills.
Power On – Decision making and Governance.

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Should be a useful resource and knowldedge base for you

Try this new ‘blogspot’ for possible answers to queries and questions. It will take some time but even now is begining to house what and how things are being done in the Guide District and the Unit.  The traditions, events, activities and participations, the Planning, organising and development through the implementation and also the evaluations.

Should be a useful resource and knowldedge base for you as there is going to be many things here that I as a curious parent wanted to know or be informed about.

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