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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Activities, events and service.

Girl Guides are always involved in something.  A lot of the time there is much preparation and little to show for it.  The thing is unless you have a clear vision and a known goal, the stepping-stones that are the break down of the strategies used may not be apparent.  Often one learning activity is a stepping stone from another learning activity.  Thus said there is always different levels of ability and interest within the Girl Guides involved.  Some Girl Guides may have obtained visible markers (badges) others are working towards these.  Some may nearly be finished one  (or more) of one badge type.  Where as others may be using those same experiences towards there badges.  it’s up to each Guide personally to choose where the challenge and the experience may be heading in her life.
Girl Guides are always doing something.  As parents, careers or the public we just may not be aware of it…..  Yet!  Yes the Guides are always thinking up something.
The Hazelwood and Churchill District team are there to support these activities through people power,  fundraising and amongst other things friendship.

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