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Teddy Bear Picnic 2009 program

In the lead up to the 2009 Teddy Bear picnic the Unit had included the following:

  • Making bear out of balloons
  • Inviting ther CFA to the Hazelwood South Hall
  • had made origami animals.
  • Coloured in pictures of bears.
  • Taking ID photo’s of the Teddy Bears attending.
  • making a fundraising “best Teddy Bear ” vote.
  • Planned the menu.
  • Practiced BBQing.
  • Made no bake biscuits to take along.
  • Read, then made up their own Bear Stories.
  • Learned Teddy Bear songs to sing while on the Rac Wac.
  • Included the event as part of the Rac Wac 2009.
  • Sewn Teddy Bear Puppets.
  • made cloths peg Teddys for the fridge.
  • Created invitations for the day – these went home pegged to the clothes peg Teddy.
  • Tried to organise the transport.
  • had worked on first aid (just in case)
Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

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Creating a Teddy Bear through a balloon medium

Teddy Bears are easily created through using a balloon.There are several tricks that are important that are trade secrets.

The main one is to lightly dust your hands with either talcum powder (baby ones are really good fine powders to use) or a corn flower dusting. These powers inhibit the static electricty so easily transfered to the balloons through weather, electric cables or clothing.

The second hint is to not ‘fill’ the balloon so that they are hard to touch. The balloon is rubber. Too much tension on the rubber equals a rupture. Therefore you have a bang about to happen. The balloon holder will be upset. Upset children are bad for business!!! So the child gets a second ballon, then a third. By this time there is a retetive pattern set.

If you are to draw on the balloon use clearly identifyable non toxic pens.

Written with encouragement by Clear Vision

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How did this Teddy Bear activity begin

Towards the end of 1999 the moe Old Gipps town would host a Saturday where the young children would take there teddy bear to a Teddy Bears Picnic. Most of the Guides in Churchill did not have transport to attend. Public transport finished through Churchill by 1pm on a Saturday afternoon. So if the Leaders could get the Guides there there was not transport back.

Rather than not be included the Guides were encouraged to think of ways to be included. The older Guides helping in the younger units suggested holding their own Teddy Bear Picnic at the Hazelwood South Hall during the meeting time. Some of these older guides had attended the Teddy Bear overnight stay at the hall a few years before.

Weeks before the chosen meeting time ‘things’ were created to include the others to participate. The activty usually netted some interest from girls outside the Unit. Guides that had moved from this Unit wanted to be included too. The meeting was opened to the sisters of the younger Guides. Over the years they brought friends –usually from the otlder unit!

The day then became a Saturday activity. Open to all Guides, family and friends.
Then the leaders became so externally busy that the weekends for the Teddy Bears Picnic evaporated. By the end of 2008 the Units had planned to have a Teddy Bears Picnic included in with the Rac Wac in first term 2009. The fires that are now named ‘Black Saturday’ threw all planning out of the window.

So by the end of 2009 fouth term the planning for 2010 teddy bears picnic had already begun.. Several changes have occured. people have offered to assist. These same people are interested in getting the Guides active, with more people knowing just what Guides actually is involved with. Now the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District team are now organising the event. A Gipp’s Guide is overseeing the Teddy Bears Picnic. As part of Clean up Australia the Teddy Bears will be assisting in Cleaning up the Glendonald Park. Since Clean Up Australia in Glendonald Park is a family and friend event everyone is invited. Activities and games will be included.as part of the ‘entertainment factors’ for the youngest children. Games in the Park will be aimed at the older ones. The District catering team is resonsible for the BBQ.

Written by Clear Vision

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Now your on IGoole

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Kira’s getting her stuff on blogspot

Kira has opened her own blogspot for her comments and interests.  Now you can read her fashion and accessories sense, deportment and presentation thoughts.  There may even be things there you would like to purchase too.

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table settings reflect the day

When you choose to have table napkins then you need something to hold them together. The use of glasses was really appreciated when we heeded off to the Italian Australian Club one year. The Guides felt that all their efforts were worth everything they had put into the day.

Other times the guides have either used a ready made napkin holder or they made their napkin holders, name cards and servietters.

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different table setting to create for meals

At times we have created ourselves, or sat at professionally done table settings for different events.

These events have been at :

  • buffet meals,
  • formal table settings,
  • Japanese table settings,
  • finger food
  • smorgess board
  • hostessing by the plate and requesting refreshment types.
  • picnics formal or impromtue,
  • around campfires
  • sitting on the ground at camp

There are basic Guide traditions and ettiquete that we have shown all the Guides over time. As the Guides learn one thing another is shown. From making the table settings to suit the occasion, to how to eat, pass food, cut meat, handle knives and forks, use fingers, wash hands, communicate, basic table manners, to hosting, serving and doing the dishes.

Written by Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District
Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

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Teddy reaching out for decoration

This was a terrific picture to use. We had been talking about what goals were. And reaching out for your goals. one of the older Guides had seen this in a coloring book.So the picture was copied and coloured by all the next wee. In discussion the Guides happily informed this iolder guide what they had tried to do over the week One had ridden her bigger bike without the trainer wheels for the first time.

Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

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Formal meal from 2010

At the end of each year there is a Formal Meal.  Begun by Debbie for the Unit it was before organised by the Unit. At the end of September there were two Guides asked to speak to a restaurants chief .  Discussed were group participation in deciding food, theme, menus, colour schemes, times and dates, dress codes and preparation of food.  The meal was paid for by each Guides family  before the end of October. At home dresses were chosen, hair do’s and shoes sorted out weeks before the event.

2009 saw this change late in the planning procedure.  Firstly we had to get everyone registered which delayed everything as the unregistered guides could not go.  By the time everyone was registered (10 families) earlier plans had to be changed.

At Guides one night the planning was achieved. The basic menu decided from each Guides likes and dislikes.

The 2010 Hazelwood and Churchill District Formal Meal planning has already begun.  2010 sees this meal occurring on Volunteers day. This enables the State Shindig camp people to attend Shindig on the last full weekend of November. Parents who attend the Traralgon Show to go to this too which is also on one of these weekends (the date for this show changes). The preperstion of the meal will have begun weeks before the event, the decorations, invites, table settings and everything else that goes into making the day pleasurable, successful and stress free will be occurring all year.  The timing of the Formal meal will begin after 1 pm – depending on what Volunteer activities the Latrobe Council is including in this Region.

As this District is assisted by volunteers throughout the year this is seen as an ideal venue of thanks.

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Things to do for Girl Guides formal meal

  • Will the formal meal occur?
  • Decide Date
  • Decide where and time.
  • What is the theme to be?
  • Who to invite?
  • Plan menu.
  • Decorations – where.
  • table settings.
  • Etiquette
  • Activities and games.
  • Who is doing what job?
  • What are the Jobs?

Written by Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District

Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

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