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Any interest in radio communication?

The Eastern Zone Amateur Radio Club meets at the Hazelwood South Hall on the first Thursday of each month, except January. Starts at about 7pm in the evening.

The Radio Club runs training courses leading to people gaining their Foundation amateur radio licence throughout the year. usually over two days: the first teaching the second assessing.

You can find out more about the Foundation licence from the WIA website:
Discover amateur radio
Foundation licence

If any of the Guides are interested either post a comment here or phone Susan on 0413100230 . We can arrange a talk about what is amateur radio as a starting point. If there is interest, we can start some training sessions if needed.

If you have your own licence, you can communicate via amateur radio with others at any time. At a JOTA / Joti event, you can use the radio without supervision (within the terms of your licence).

Some may have some experience with CB radio – amateur radio has some similarities but is very different.

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