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Ratifying the consitition of Unit.

 Having an Annual General Meeting is a thing/ a process that needs to be learned and done.  Everything needs to be okayed and finalized through an AGM.  Then typed out and copies sent out.  This helps everyone formally know what you are doing / have done.

At the AGM motions that have been moved through out the year are rattified and become a formal part of the opporating management system of the Gipps Guides. 

So when is your AGM Ladies?

Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision [http://www.clear-vision.com.au]

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Annual General Meetings (AGM’s)

Each year the Adult sections of Girl Guides have an Annual General Meeting.

Having a known theme and format makes the day pass more successfully.
A Guest speaker may be invited to speak on the topic that is decided upon. Usually the topic has something to do with which all members may have participated in, or are going to benefit by knowing.

The President gives a speech about the event and happens of the previous year.  Included is a treasurers report.  The financial books are there for viewing. Statements and balance sheets included.

Then the Invited Guest (not Guest Speaker) is welcomed and formally introduced by the President. The President then declares all positions empty.

This Invited Guest is now the ‘Chair’ and the meeting goes through them. The rules and Guide Lines re nomination and voting are explained to all present. All nominated people are invited to give a speak on why they would be a good influence and how they will fulfill the position should they be elected. 

Voting usually is as a secret ballet.  Adjudicated and checked by a second person not involved in the preceedings until now.  The results are read out by the Chair.

Once all the voting has been completed the Chair then hands the incoming president the Presidency.  Welcomes them and then becomes a Guest.

Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision [http://www.clear-vision.com.au]

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