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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

OBP Registration Samar

The following proposed OBP sections and starting dates are the ones that have been sent to Melbourne for registration.

Section 1 : Personal.

Apply for recognition of prior learning of the Aged Care Cert III which is nearing its completion date. If this is not possible include the further higher study within the Health Care field applied for.

                                    Recognition of Prior Learning began 2009 ending December 2009.
                                     Further studies begin Feb 2010 once accepted.

Section 2 : Practical.
No 5) Working with other Olave Baden-Powell members to really get the ‘members’ active and moving is a real challenge for Samar. This will include her Presidency and the development of a communication medium for all to use.
                                  Begining  Jan 2010 until May 2011

 Section 3: Social.

No 3) Attend the Girls Rock forum and actively participate in it. Then hold a discussion with your peer group on the reasons for this choice, what she learned and how this knowledge can be used.
                                 Begining Feb 2010 and fnishing May 2011.

Section 4 : Physical.

No 4) Water confidence is a new physical activity for a period of three months. To be able to canoe water confidence is important.  With the main objective being able to canoe water acticvities are particullary important. So water aerobics and learning the basics of being able to swim is the essence of the physical activities chosen.
Ultimate Goal: to be able to canoe. During this time she be discussing her progress with the other Gipps Guides. Maybe on line through the Guides Face book too. Updates and a report will be submitted at the end of this time.
                                 Beginning Jan 2010 the three months ends in April 2010 How ever this is a long 
                                          term project.

Section 5 :Service.
No 2) The disadvantaged group chosen is the Parkistani and Indian community. Especially concentrating on how the women within these groups are intergrating or allowed to intergrate into Australian society, it’s communities, groups, social and education aspects.
                               Beginning Feb 2010 to August 2010

Section 6: Further Development.

Gaining the Adult version of the Centuary Challenge Badge.  Encouraging others to participate.  Organising displays and challenges along the way.

Using the information gained to enhance understanding of what Guides is,  where Guides has come from and the future pathways/ highways that Guiding will be taken along / down.
                              Beginning Feb 2010 to May 2011

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