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Formal meal from 2010

At the end of each year there is a Formal Meal.  Begun by Debbie for the Unit it was before organised by the Unit. At the end of September there were two Guides asked to speak to a restaurants chief .  Discussed were group participation in deciding food, theme, menus, colour schemes, times and dates, dress codes and preparation of food.  The meal was paid for by each Guides family  before the end of October. At home dresses were chosen, hair do’s and shoes sorted out weeks before the event.

2009 saw this change late in the planning procedure.  Firstly we had to get everyone registered which delayed everything as the unregistered guides could not go.  By the time everyone was registered (10 families) earlier plans had to be changed.

At Guides one night the planning was achieved. The basic menu decided from each Guides likes and dislikes.

The 2010 Hazelwood and Churchill District Formal Meal planning has already begun.  2010 sees this meal occurring on Volunteers day. This enables the State Shindig camp people to attend Shindig on the last full weekend of November. Parents who attend the Traralgon Show to go to this too which is also on one of these weekends (the date for this show changes). The preperstion of the meal will have begun weeks before the event, the decorations, invites, table settings and everything else that goes into making the day pleasurable, successful and stress free will be occurring all year.  The timing of the Formal meal will begin after 1 pm – depending on what Volunteer activities the Latrobe Council is including in this Region.

As this District is assisted by volunteers throughout the year this is seen as an ideal venue of thanks.


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