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holes in concrete Jan 30th 2009

Found out that when you authorise termite contolers drill through concrete to get to the ones hiding in the soil.  opened the bill from the termite people this morning and there is a part that says 'drilling of concrete'.  Phoned them up and have now solved problem.  Apparently of concrete has /does not get drilled and the poision does not get into the soil underneath the contol is not up to Australian Standards. intersting as this was not done by another company when previously needed.  Always wondered how to tell and effecive and sufficient job.  Now we both know.  SUSAN cONNOR HAZELWOOD AND CHURCHILL GIRL GUIDE DISTRICT LEADER. 

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Okay. > >  Reason I asked for boundary etc for the Hazelwood South Community Hall, > 762 Tramway Road, Churchill is so that these details could be provided to > both DSE and LCC.  Reason I have not provided them so far is I dislike pie > in the sky 'guesstimates' and vague plans that put people in a muddle and > that one has to constantly redo something over, and over and... > > Having never trod this planning path before I take it that without proper > boundary measurements and plans I: > pluck a thought out , > request from DSE for permission to change anything on their land >  commit drawings, plans etc to paper, > send it off to both DSE, > Get their permission for the projects conception > then alter the proposal again commiting this to paper, > Send proposal and diagrams to both DSE and Council, > wait for reply, > Alter thought, diagrams, plans > and the process begins again until all are satisifed. > > Stop here. I thought that asking for boundrys, water pipe plans was a > simple task as a few years ago, and a few weeks ago the pipes on the > outside boundries needs repair.  My belief was that as the pipes and the > leak were on council property the Latrobe City Council would have recent > diagrams so that I could produce a more 'professional' measured concept > proposal. > > I have already spoken to plumbers, horticulturists, carpenters, brick > layers, business's that may provide local low lying plants and concrete's. > I understand that with fire prevention on a high scale (which is where it > should be) every one is jumpy [so am I].  Please note I have paced, drawn > diagrams and so forth.  Before commiting these to and yourself 2 years > worth of thought so far has gone into these two projects. With a lot more > to come. So, as you can understand I want to get the above steps right. I > also want to record the steps to follow in case someone else who gains my > position here wants to do some project.  Understandably I am being > througher, wanting to work with all parties and needing a step by step map > on the process to take.  I am not aiming at being sarcasitic, bombastic or > anything narky. > > Please let me know if the above steps are correct > > Susan Connor > Hazelwood South Community Hall rep. > > > >

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Sun, March 1, 2009 email to DSE

Tarnia  Thankyou.  Now  I have a step by step written working plan that I can clearly follow. I can also place this plan of action in the Management log book as well as in the District Guiding correspondance in.  In your last email  2nd paragrah  third line "...you need to  DES then consider..."  is there something missing?  I'll ask Debbie where the written down property boundary details that you have provided are stored.  Thankyou for sending these to here as previously requested.  As of last week (Wednesday) the leak next to the Hazelwood South Community Hall is still leaking.  Not sure if Debbie has contacted any one again about this leak but I am bringing it to your attention again.  Thought that the fire emergency plan may have involved plumbers,  therefore they may have had more important things to deal with.  Thanks once again.  Susan Connor District Leader Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide Leader.  

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Sign and Gorilla Gardens email to DSE 16.2.09


 Hi Susan, > > Im still finding your emails a little confusing/unclear as your previous > emails requested details for location of plumbing because there was a > leak. Property boundary details were provided to Debbie some time ago but > if you need this information again please let me know. > > As stated in my previous email, anyone wanting to do works on Crown land, > need landowner consent- meaning you need our written consent prior to > doing works. To get our written consent you need to  DSE then considers if > the works are appropriate for the land status (land licensed for girl > guide purposes), and undertakes a Native Title assessment if native title > rights and interests have not been extinguished. We can also let you know > you need to determine if a Cultural Heritage Management Plan is required. > > Once this process is complete, we can provide you with written consent to > proceed with works and apply for the necessary permits. All works need to > meet statutory requirements. > > If your plans change after DSE consent is given, the process needs to be > done again - so its best to notify us when you have finalised your plans. > > Hope this answers your questions. If you have any further questions please > let me know. > > > > > > > susanc@speedweb.com.au > 16/02/2009 05:12 PM > > To > Tarnia.Leeming@dse.vic.gov.au > cc > > Subject > sign and Gorilla gardens > >

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Leave things as they currently are re lease.

29th April 2009 Reply to DSE re Hazelwood [South] Hall lease decision.

> Hi there  Currently leave things as they are.  Will review next year.  At the moment our District Team are still sounding out other groups.  But, hit a brick wall here.

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? a Commitee of management

Hi there.   I am in the process of once again trying to establish a management committee for Hall.  One query has risen. As an independent committee they have to be registered as a committee with some government body.  Therefore they also have to have a constitution and ???  Where do I find out about all this?  Also attached is a copy of the Latrobe City Reserve proposal.  Not quite how sure they are placing the pathway across the front of the Hall.  But I'm not impressed with bollards being placed just there.  Leaves no adequate parking for either us, the gun club and/ emergency vehicles. The vehicle side lane effectively cuts any parking as it is currently out about 2/3rds.

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Whose responsible for what?

Hi Sue,  If a committee of management is appointed by DSE, they are appointed using  the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 and there is no requirement for them to  have a constitution. However we do offer our committees of management a  template if they wish to create one to help with the management  arrangements of the reserve.  Please note, you will not be responsible for putting together a committee  of management - this is something that DSE does that may involve holding a  public meeting or calling for expressions of interest through local  newspapers.  Im still yet to receive any confirmation from the Girl Guides that they  would like us to commence this process. Until then, the hall is licensed  to the Girl Guides for them to use for girl guide activities. It is not a  public hall and is not available for community use at this point in time.  Thank you for providing me with a copy of Latrobe City Council's reserve  proposal. I ask that you forward your concerns to Council for  consideration.  Regards,     susanc@speedweb.com.au  16/04/2009 04:22 PM  To Tarnia.Leeming@dse.vic.gov.au cc  Subject Hazelwood South Hall

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Community use of Hazelwood [South] Hall

susanc@speedweb.com.au 17/04/2009 10:21 AMToTarnia.Leeming@dse.vic.gov.aucc
SubjectHazelwood South Hall

I have been speaking to others.Yes there is interest in the community
for others to use this hall.As of yesterday : another youth group, a 
cultural group, a war hammer players group...If it turns out that no 
one else takes on this opportunity then can we still be involved / re
lease it again. What happens in this case?

Susan Connor.

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Steps to the returing of the Hazelwood [South] Hall Lease.

Re: Hazelwood South Hall
Date:   Fri, April 17, 2009 11:31 am

The following reworded response to community interest in using the Hazelwood [South] Hall.

The DSE  would then consult with the Latrobe City Council and the community groups mentioned in the letter and determine the community requirement for the site to be made into a public hall once again.

If support is gained, the DSE will hold a public meeting to nominate and
appoint members to the Committee of management [CoM].

If support is not given, the licence will remain in place and the hall
will be available for Girl Guide use only.

Tarnia Leeming 

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Robs reply to Email re Honor Board [to CDCA and Issues]

Subject:   RE: in rely to CDCA and Issues
From:   “Rob de Souza-Daw”
Date:   Sun, February 28, 2010 11:17 pm
To:   susanc@speedweb.com.au
Priority:   Normal
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Sue, thanks for the email.

I make the following points-
1. I will forward a photo of the Honour Board as an attachment with the
common email in
the next few days.
2. I am not sure how many of the WWII servicemen and women listed on
the Honour
Board are still alive but in addition to Tom Lawless, the three Fox
sisters are alive.
3. I wish to view the early photos of the Hazelwood South Hall and may
wish to obtain
digital copies.
4. The expression- They fought for Hazelwood- is incorrect. None of
people listed on the
Honour Board enlisted at Hazelwood, some enlisted after they left
the Hazelwood
district and a few never lived at Hazelwood although they attended
the Hazelwood South State School.
5. I am the person who has taken photos of this Honour Board and
others. It is for my
own project relating to the commemorations of servicemen and women
of any era from Hazelwood (including Churchill). I am seeking to
identify men and women who have
lived in Hazelwood (as defined) for some part of their lives and
have served full-time in the Australian, colonial or allied forces. Many
of the veterans, for different reasons
are not listed on any Honour Board.
6. I am opposed to the suggestion that the names on this Honour Board
be duplicated for another purpose as the Board contains inaccuracies
and is not complete.

More details will follow when I have completed and forwarded the email.


Rob [de sauz daw]

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