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Older Guides fundraising with a ‘make a craft stall’

The Churchill Girl Guides read about a challenge the 1st Cairns Ranger Guides did some year previously. Their challenge was that the 1st Cairns Ranger Guides (14 to 18’s ) had set up a craft day. Sounded like they had so much fun on this day that the Churchill Guides wanted to copy their endevours.

So as the 1st Cairns Ranger guides did so to did the Churchill Guides. Since there were fewer Churchill Guides able to help their were fewer tables to be set up.
– Cairns set up about 25 different crafts and the materials tables, Churchill set up six tables.
– Samples of the finished craft were needed. Churchill looked around the hall, the office and their homes to see what was cmpleted and still there.
– The Churchill Guides found that they wanted to try something on another table. Off they went leaving no one who knew what to do at their table. Off course they were constantly being called back to assist someone else.
– Since everything was there on hand theCghurchill guides only charged $1.00 not the $3.00 the 1st Cairns ones did.
– The girls did as many crafts as appealed to them. The variety meant there was something for everyone.
– The same crafts the 1st Cairns girls used the Churchill ones offered too. The crafts included:

Egyptian beads,
paper making,
paper marbling,
3D cards,
Australian animal mobiles,
wool people,
trefoils made with the plastic rings from two litre milk containers,
crystal gardens,
book making.
Everyone had a lot of fun mixing together and doing their best at having nimble fingers fully occupied. Yes there was a bit of money made as well.
A few years later some of the then younger Girl Guides were older. Instead of having another craft day they wanted a market to happen.

Written by Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District

Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

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