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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Tents, team work, camps, and life skills learned on the Hazelwood South Reserve

The Hazelwood [South ] Hall is right next to a public reserve. The Guides of the Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guides use this reserve area to practice putting up tents. Although the Hazelwood [and Churchill] District has both moder lightweight tents when leadership and team training re camping is required the older canvas kitchen flies and canvas tents come out for erection.

When the Region camp qualification camp, the Ev Graham camp, is run the Guides rope off an area in which to physically view where they have planned to utilize their camp equipment on the site size requirement.

Team work is important as without a semblance of planning, order and working together the camp moral is deemed low enough to close the site.
When working with outdoor camp site plans a large area is required while the Guide are kinesthetically shown so that the patiently learn the skills required.

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History of the District and Hazelwood [South] Hall Names

Hazelwood Girl Guides began in 1957. Called Hazelwood as the District drew members from the Hazelwood schools. The Hazelwood Unit moved into the Hazelwood [South] Hall in 1959 and has been there ever since.

Much later in years the Churchill Units began.
There has been suggestions that as most members come from Churchill the Hazelwood District should have become the Churchill District for simplicity. What was decided by both the leaders at the time was that the District be a combined name thus reflecting the demographics of where the membership may be drawn from and the now intemingled history.
The Hazelwood name has been retained as the first name simply in recognition that the Hazelwood units were the first here.
The Hall still is known as the Hazelwood [South] Hall, even though the Latrobe City Council keep changing the voting boundrys, for the same reason.
These motioned were formally passed in the District Leaders Meeting and recorded in the minutes.
Written on behalf of the Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guides
Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

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Fair comments made from members of the Public re Hazelwood Honor Board relocation.


  • ” What do the CDCA mean move the Hazelwood Honor Board into Churchill. It stays in Hazelwood.”…
  • ” My relatives names are in Morwell. I go to more well when I show my grandkids their relatives names. These same names are on the Australian War Museums Memorial Wall. Should I make the Australian War Memorial move to Churchill so I can see their names?”

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How Linden became a suburb of Tawa.

Linden and Tawa, North Island, New Zealand needed to have a common name to be called.

Put it to a vote they said. Voting was believed to be fair.
A climb up to the peak was organised for a picnic lunch to occur.
And when was the vote done? From what I hear as those from Tawa went past the voting booth.
So Linden came under Tawa.
Just goes to show what lobbying and dirty politics can do generations later ha!! This system did not stop at just the Tawa and Linden votes. Others towns and in other countries had the same system of ‘fair’ voting established.

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Should Churchill have been named Hazelwood?

Many of the families around the Latrobe Valley that I have spoken too to this day feel that the naming of Churchill was an underhanded political move by the then Government of Australia which at the time did not listen to the people that it claimed to represent.

After two generations went to war believing that they were sent to protect their homes and families the returned Hazelwood peoples had not only first hand witnessed carnage and manslaughter but their home and harth had changed dramatically.

The faming and family culture that they had left had changed by the time those on the Hazelwood Honor Board had returned home.

People were maimed, broken or crushed not only from the fighting while in the service, but families suffered educationally, financially, in health and in every other way known and not known at the time The suffering was not contained to them who went but was occurring back at home where none had a voice to change what was happening. Those that may have spoken out were too worn out to do so.The suffering just kept lingering on.when they returned..

It was in this climate that the local, State and Australian Government of the time were seen to back big business and ignore those very people on the Hazelwood Honor Board who went away.

In this climate of distrust and apparent broken promises the vote for a town name was made. Churchill name is said to have won by a slim margin. Their are other towns, some in other countries, in the same error, that have a similar historical ‘vote’ for the name ceremony. People do not like change. Especially when the change involves their heritage, home or identifty. But worst still they do not like to feel cheated with issues unresonved festering away within them. The people of these areas still today carry a bitterness at the feeling of being cheated.

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Where would the Hazelwood Honor Board go?

There are District Leaders meeting minutes that state that should the Hazelwood Honor Board be removed the Hazelwood and Churchill District would go to Hazelwood North School or the Public Hall across the road from it and ask them to have the honor of housing and protecting this board.

The main reasons for this is three fold.
  • The first being that the reason for this was that Churchill was not even ‘born’ when those people went to war. These pioneers fought for Hazelwood, not Churchill as Churchill was not even invented then. The Churchill Township / residental area was Hazelwood.

  • The second being that among the ‘Hazelwood’ generations (older members especially) and their families their is animosity still towards the political of ‘the day’ when the implanted town became known as Churchill. Effectively honoring a politician rather than honoring those generations of pioneers who changed the land for grazing.
  • Just because some members in a ‘towns’ population thinks that they have the numbers therefor what they so happens is not the case. What this attitude is is political abuse of percieved power and down right abuse. Hazelwood and the generational ties to the area must be allowed a fair and equal voice. Opinions are always simmering below the surface.

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Guides Honor.

* The Hazelwood (and later the Churchill) Girl Guide District were honored to be the Hazelwood Honor Boards guardians. This understanding still remains unless the District formally closed down according to Girl Guides Australia Guide Lines. This being the case previsions have already been set in District Leader minutes. Until this time and should this unforneit turn of events occur the leas on the Hazelwood South Hall would be forfitted and the Hazelwood Honor Board would find another home in Hazelwood. This was the orginal understanding, the way it remained for over fifty years and the way the Hazelwood Honor Board will be housed in the future.

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Firery reaction From Tom Lawless.

* Having spoken to Tom Lawless on Tuesday I put to Tom the thought of removing the Honor Roll.

Tom was liveried and disgusted that ‘ I ‘ wanted it removed!. Toms mind was rested after I informed him that this was not the case.

Tom would try to do something about the removal to stop it. Beware Tom Lawless is on the war path.

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Why a Hazelwood Honor Board anyway?

* The Hazelwood Honor Board was of Hazelwood names – not Churchill ones.

* The last remaining person alive on the board (as far as I knew) was Tom Lawless.

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Hazelwood [South] Hall and Guides as at 24th Feb 2009

* That the Hazelwood South Hall is still used by Guides for such things as togethers, BB Q’s, overnight stays, camp items.

  • After the use of the hall there is a clean up and maintenance report effective.

* Why should anyone else be interested in what the Guides do there?

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