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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

The CDCA 24th Feb 2004 minutes are incorrect.

7:00pm Wednesday 24th February 2010
Churchill and District Community Hub
Philip Parade Churchill
President         Margaret Guthrie
Vice Pre
Secretary         Rob Whelan
Treasurer         Charles Uber  
Peter McShane
Alan Scarlett (Monash Rep)
Dan Jordan JP (MUGSU Rep)
Teresa Pugliese ( Latrobe City)
Ian Gibson (Latrobe City)
Ron Bunn
Bruce Stephenson
Michael Tynan
CHAIR           Margaret Guthrie
5. Other business arising from previous minutes
5.1 Hazelwood South Honor Roll 
The meeting was advised that Tom Lawless (stakeholder) has recommended not applying for funding this year and that interested parties should develop an ongoing strategy for the Roll.
NOTE Allen retracted the orginial proposal as he was lead to believe that the Hazelwood Honor Roll was damaged.

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