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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

To Tarnia.Leeming@dse.vic.gov.au cc  Subject sign and Gorilla gardens       Okay.   Reason I asked for boundary etc for the Hazelwood South Community Hall, 762 Tramway Road, Churchill is so that these details could be provided to both DSE and LCC.  Reason I have not provided them so far is I dislike pie in the sky 'guesstimates' and vague plans that put people in a muddle and that one has to constantly redo something over, and over and...  Having never trod this planning path before I take it that without proper boundary measurements and plans I: pluck a thought out , request from DSE for permission to change anything on their land  commit drawings, plans etc to paper, send it off to both DSE, Get their permission for the projects conception then alter the proposal again commiting this to paper, Send proposal and diagrams to both DSE and Council, wait for reply, Alter thought, diagrams, plans and the process begins again until all are satisifed.  Stop here. I thought that asking for boundrys, water pipe plans was a  simple task as a few years ago, and a few weeks ago the pipes on the outside boundries needs repair.  My belief was that as the pipes and the leak were on council property the Latrobe City Council would have recent diagrams so that I could produce a more 'professional' measured concept proposal.  I have already spoken to plumbers, horticulturists, carpenters, brick layers, business's that may provide local low lying plants and concrete's. I understand that with fire prevention on a high scale (which is where it should be) every one is jumpy [so am I].  Please note I have paced, drawn diagrams and so forth.  Before commiting these to and yourself 2 years worth of thought so far has gone into these two projects. With a lot more to come. So, as you can understand I want to get the above steps right. I also want to record the steps to follow in case someone else who gains my position here wants to do some project.  Understandably I am being througher, wanting to work with all parties and needing a step by step map on the process to take.  I am not aiming at being sarcasitic, bombastic or anything narky.  Please let me know if the above steps are correct  Susan Connor Hazelwood South Community Hall rep.     

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