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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

1st January 2008 re Hazelwood South Hall Use.





Hazelwood South Hall Sub Committee
                            [Of the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District]
760 Tramway Road.
1st January 2008
re Hazelwood South Hall Hire.
It is understood that the Hazelwood South Hall is a community hall. The Land and the building owned by the Department of Sustainability and Environment. The contact being the person in charge of the Sub-Committee of the Hazelwood South Hall.
Debbie Gallagher
5 Coolabar Drive,
Phone Home 51222119
Mobile 0428112051
Email: initially is :hazelwoodchurchillgirlguidedist@gmail.com

 You want the use of Hazelwood South Hall ?  Then these are the Terms.
Are you a Member of the Girl Guides?  [Adult, Associate or Olave Program?]
The costs involve a donation, a clean up fee and a bond – All seperate items.
The terms are:
The areas hired are as such: the main entrance, the main internal hall area, the kitchen and toilets and foyer area. The surrounding area between the hall and gun club, heading towards the farm behind.
That a booking fee, hall hireage and a bond be paid. The booking fee confirms the hiraeage has occurred.
a)The booking fee is just that. A booking fee consting of 10% of the totals of the bond and the hall hiraeage. As such the booking fee is non refundable.
b)The hireage and bond are to be paid no later than six weeks to the key release in advance. The key release will be within 24 (twenty four) hours before the hall hireage if a 24 hour hireage has occurred. Be aware this twenty-four hours also includes set up and clean up times.
When you hire the hall
At booking confirmation that the following have been done is needed within 7 (seven) days.
When picking up the key.
Note under no circumstances is the key to the Hazelwood South hall to be copied.
a) check off the hall hireage tick list which will be given to you, filled out and returned to the Hall booking secretary before you receive the key.
Clean Up time.
a) The hall comes to you a certain way. This is the bench mark that the hall is to be returned. It is to this condition [or better] that you will return the hall.
Removal of rubbish. There are three bins possibly available. One Red top (non recyclable) and one Yellow top (recycle bin). If these bins are used the rubbish is to be properly sorted so that these bins are able to be collected. Other than placing them out to be collected at the appropriate dates if the management have to ‘touch’ these bins in any way the bond is void.  



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