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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District meeting. 29th July 2008

Welcome to all.

Attended: Michelle Wilkie, Lani Roussos, Debbie Gallagher, Meagan Young, Susan Connor.

Apologies, Chantelle, Sadie, Nadine.

Correspondence I

In: Girl Guides Get Going.

Appraisal Forms.

Camp Requirements

Darling Camp Appraisal Forms.

What Program

Outdoor Camp

Soccer Club Proposal

Map –Gipps land Water mains Gippsland Water).

Map– Plumbing of toilet block Gippsland Water).

Map– Plumbing into septic tank (Gippsland Water).

Smoke Signal

Roller Skating application

Ev Graham patrol application

Ev Graham training for youth

Discover your potential

Service Flash badge levels.

Millers Plumbing Quote.

Electrical Quote.

Jardine Lloyd and Thompson.

Speed Web Connection.

Initial reply to Community grant

Electricity Account

Fun Force Camp (5 to 8s)

Out: Under one Roof Community Grant Application.

Jardine Lloyd and Thompson Insurance

Dept Sustainability ands Environment lease paid

Unit report


Membership increased. Girls quickly registered just before Darling camp due.

Eve graham camp prep is slow but steady.

Team work and Guiding spirit is being worked on.

Guides really stuck on skipping and ball games though.


Membership two Linked, to Tuesday, 1 newly registered, one just started.

Easier to handle now that the older Girls are not unduly influencing the other ers.

Guiding doing leadership Trefoils is well received and working in well.

District Report

Thankyou Chantelle for helping. Now your moving to Alice Springs and going to become a guide Leader in Training. Chantelle has a wonderful repour with the Guides and we all will miss her. You are most welcome back in to the Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District at anytime Chantelle.

Michelle and Lani will be Unit Helpers. Forms and checks to be filled out tonight. Michelle wants to then become a trainee Leader. after a few months.

Sadie, Nadine and Michelle are to do leadership training core and one in next region training days. There are forms to fill and apply for this training after your discussion with the Region Leader.

The Hazelwood South Community Hall was made by the people for the people. To bring this hall back into the community the Hazelwood and Churchill Girl guides have adopted the hall as a service project. Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District hold the lease of the Hazelwood South Community Hall. But to obtain assistance from the Department of Sustainability and Environment there needs to be a management committee. Effectively any group booked regular user of the Hazelwood South Community hall can send representatives along to the second meeting of this management committee. Decision of last meeting was to go ahead, form a management committee (Incorporated) Next meeting to be decided.

There is an international greening project called “Gorilla gardening”. Effectively where there is a plot of land that is looking bare the people organise a planting program. For more information check it out on the Web Pages…. Gorilla gardening is in the web page name.

Internationally Girl Guiding has always been environmentally friendly. The younger Guides want to plant, dig in and climb things. So – four truck loads of tan bark appeared as a donation. During the ‘Daring’ overnight stay those who were not entertaining were out there doing just that. Then came the thefts. After the third load went the police were called, different people were able to give descriptions to the police. We notice that so far the tan bark is not being removed currently. About one truck load has gone missing

The Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District has now a Community garden group beginning to operate. Plans being discussed and after consultation with an appropriate Elder has been obtained plans are to be drawn up. How the work will progress is up to Bud (Community Gardens Supervisor ) and Susan Connor (the Community Gardens Guiding contact for this girl Guide District)

As with all the groups intending to use the Hazelwood South Community Hall when another web page or Blog is created the progress of all the groups will be recorded.

Different groups are now using the hall. The cost of $1.00 per person using the hall the basic bills may just be about covered.


First Aid training needed. Warragul offers updates on CPR but days training is $110.00 per person.

However the cost of each person attending the hall is one dollar per time. Of meeting. Just dropping stuff off then this is noted in the registration book too.

Registration book is a financial year dairy, Youth members do not sign this book individual. A notation of ‘Youth member (9 ) is written in when there is nine youth members attending The adult names are written in. Say there is four adults and nine youth members that is now $13.00 to be held for management.

Bills are current. Problem with the financial books not being yet checked by an accountant. Treasurer now has the financial book back in her position. Was meant to attend and bring them to meeting. Debbie will take these books now to her accountant. If not willing to do these we will send them to Guide Centre for finalisation. And keep looking for an accountant who will process these books for this year. Missing page 1 and 2 of District \bank Statements. Possibly with last years books. Will obtain a replacement copy.

Still a problem with cars driving over the reserve. Entering from the front of the reserve. The president and the secretary are very aware of this problem. So are the Police as we have made them aware.

Debbie has her 20 year service to Guiding approaching .soon.

Who do you know that has been networking and raising peoples awareness and interest in Girl guides? The Butterfly award is a great way of expressing gratitude and raising further awareness.

General meeting

It has been agreed that the Hazelwood Junior Guide name be changed to Hazel wood Girl Guide Unit (5 to 18 yrs)

Grant applications are being applied for Community grant, Council Grants, water grant . And any other grant possible to assist with service projects and be beneficial to Guide members with their Guiding lives.

Memberships for Leaders and trainee leaders to be paid for through the District account this year if money is available.

Stock take Camp shed now done (Thankfully) Kitchen and resource room to be done yet.

Region 13 Plus

Need to be 13.5 yrs to attend the once a month meeting held in Newburgh. Will currently be sending two guides early in the new year..


Meagan to download paper work for the thirteen to thirties to attend. Unithelpers and Leaders may apply.

There are a few camps and activities for all age ranges within Guides coming up. Information is available to the Guide members who use the internet and their Guiding PIN number.

Trainings and registrations are a District expense when we have the money in the account.

Debbie to send current re-registrations down express freight and be reimbursed.

Resource room

Needs to be cleared, tided and the stuff from the Child and maternal office moved down here. September holidays a working bee of leaders, families and all others is required.


Meagan will apply for several bookings once she has updated her CPR. Unable to apply when proof of courses not available.

Working off Subs

Not working. The families who have taken this way of paying back subs have effectively reneged. Therefore all leaders, trainee leaders and Unit Helpers are to take it in turn to work with different parents in the upkeep of the internal hall…i.e.. Cleaning and stock take .

Purchase of toilet paper and hand towels by the box full approved.


Keep this going. At least once a term.

Family BBQ

A fizzer. Next one to be Wednesday Oct 15th 2008.

Presentation Night

Open for all to come and participate. Begins 7pm 20th August 2008. Badges have been worked out. Must be paid for before presentation.

Service Flash. New badge. General info on notice board.

Roller Skating Night (Region Event that costs $7.50). Michele Willkie to organise girls and families and attend.

Membership Forms

Megan downloading membership and cost forms.

Computers…more coming once letter has been written. These computers are to go to families who have children in education facilities and without a computer in the home. There may be some exceptions. i.e. large family of kids and one computer.

Hall usage Before each member leaves for home they are to clean up (and put away) their things plus one more thing at least before signing out.

Hall is to be left clean for the next group to use.

Meeting finished 12 noon

Next meeting : 9th September 2008

10 oclock Venue to be decided.

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