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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Smell from Reserve Septic Tanks.

Hi Susan,

Thank you for your advice dated 12 May 2009 regarding open holes in the reserve area between the Guide Hall and the new Soccer Pavilion.

I have recently had the water supply upgraded. You will notice a trench running from the front of the property to the old change rooms located towards the rear of the property. The aim of the upgrade is to eliminate the ongoing leaks coming from the original poor quality water line. I have inspected the excavation and back fill and agree that it needs more soil and seed.

In regard to the holes barricaded off with tape, I have approach Steve Breheny from Churchill United Soccer Club and asked him to organise the backfilling of any holes opened by the club.

I have organised to fill all remaining depressions this week (25 – 29 May 2009).

In regard to the septic smell, I have approached the Churchill United

Soccer Club who effectively lease the land from Council. They are

responsible for all maintenance on the new Pavilion plus any services

associated with the new pavilion. I have been advised by sewerage experts that a probable cause of the smell is the size of the sewerage pump pit adjacent to the new pavilion. The pit is possibly too large which allows the sewerage time to ferment prior to being pumped to the sewer main. Churchill United Soccer Club have been asked to reduce the holding capacity of the pit which will lead to the sewerage being pumped more frequently eliminating the odour.

If you have any ongoing problems with the sewerage smell once the

alteration works are complete please contact Churchill United Soccer Club direct or advise me by Email and I will follow up with the club.


Bruce Chewe

Coordinator Building & Playground Maintenance

Latrobe City Council


March 4, 2010 - Posted by | Churchill Soccer Club, Latrobe City Council, OH &S, Smell

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