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Recycling the old bricks

The bricks from the external toilet block that  was pulled down at the back of the Hazelwood [South] Hall has had a fair few different uses. Of the uses that we know of the bricks and rubble have been utilized in the making of:-
Compost holders,
Garden bed walls, straight ones, round ones.
Having under clothes lines so that feet do not get sloshed on while getting in the washing.

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Galvanized water pipes.

With very old fragile galvanized water pipes once they are broken there is the major job of finding out where the water pipes go and trying then to find some way of capping them.

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Why change the locks occurs

Someone/s kept leaving the doors and cupboards open, the toilets a mess and dishes in the sink.

Solution : Change the locks.  So David Ellis went down and did just that.

All keys to the Hazelwood [South] Hall were called in so that a register of keys was taken.  The Small Bore rifle club handed in their key which they had just been issued.  In exchange they received a new key.

The Churchill Soccer Club had their new Pavilion and Club Change rooms.  Both these building had toilets.

Once the locks were changed two things happened.

  1. The first being that the Churchill Soccer club complained of not having access to the toilets for their visitors.  
  2. The second was that a spare set of keys mysteriously turned up in the District leaders [Marlene Ellis] letter box.  A previous Hazelwood [South ] Hall booking person was seen opening Marlenes letter box and leaving the keys .  Keys being the only things in the letter box when the letter box was subsequently opened.

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The story behind the removal of the external brick toilets.

When you enter some where made of brick and there are large cracks enabling you to see right through the double brick layers you just know not to sneeze or the walls may come tumbling down.  Removing the old brick external toilet should have been easy right?

Think again.

There was no money to pay for do anything of the sort. And there were no people left in the Support Group for assistance.  So the Hazelwood District leader had to wait for donations.

A parent paid for, and was subsequently paid back, the removal of the electric light that shone above the toilet block.

Then a plumber friend of a leaders changed minimal price for the capping off of the water pipes.  Which, with no plans available, no one knew where the water pipes were. The water pipes appear underground, from somewhere, and are about 10 cm away from the Gun Club side of the old toilet block slab. Being made of galvanized pipe and also being fifty years plus old these pipes are fragile.  The plumber warned of not disturbing the clay around them in any way.

For those using the Hazelwood [South] Hall  there was now no need as the extension build in the early 1990’s meant that.  Allocated people had the keys and were registered. The small bore (22) Rifle club toilets had been given a key when it was realised they had no toilets of their own.  Instead embers used the dingly old external toilets.

The Churchill Soccer club were annoyed with the change of the Hazelwood [South] Hall keys’
It was concluded that the Churchill Soccer Club no longer needed to use these facilities or the Hazelwood [South] Hall internal toilets as they had two operating sets of their own

The external toilets were finally pulled down by two men and their four wheel drive

The farmer lady behind the hall complained as the stack was not to go near her fence line.

Another three men on day then stacked the bricks up.  Mostly into one big pile.  The job was not able to be completed as the temperature was in the over 45 degree Cel.range.

A week or so later two others went down and were stacking the bricks.

These three actions cost over $1,500.00. and the job was still not done.
The District Leader had some wonderful uses for the recycled bricks.  plans were tentatively drawn up to be presented to the Department of Sustainablity and Environment and the Latrobe City Council. There is so much red tape that the brick were being ignores=d and once again were posing an Occupational Health and Safety issue.

Then came the people who threw down the bricks and generally destroyed all the work that was done to the pile.  Once Churchill Soccer mum came up and apologized as her child was one of the ones responsible.  The reason given for the action was that the father had left home.  He was one who stacked the bricks. Were the bricks picked up…”only if you pay us.”

Since that time the brick pile has gone gradually down. People have been assisting with the removal of the bricks for a few years now.

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