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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

When we arrived at the overnight stay this is what occurred

Day one

1pm  Arrival

What is expected from overall overnight stay.

Changes to program due to numbers and weather conditions.

Discussion of what to look for in a site plan..

  • Emergency procedures
  • Where do things go
  • What to do first.
  • Who was doing what things [Jobs within the Job]

Afternoon tea [and dishes]

Free time and move those bodies.

Erection of tent and tents safety procedures.

  • Equipment care
  • Moving in!! for the night.


  • Whose cooking dinner.
  • What’s for dinner.
  • Job descriptions come to life.

Free time activities.

Dinner  (more dishes)

Night activity preparation

  • Penny hike / RAC WAC combined
  • Promise ceremony


Sleep preperations

day 2

Up (UGG … whats the time)

  • Airing and tidying.

Breakfast and jobs.

Discussion : Building on what is expected.

Free time and activities.

  • craft
  • explorations
  • Observation activities
  • Guiding traditions

Lunch Preperations

Pack down

  • Pack down / pack away
  • Striking the tent

Free time and activities

Lunch (and evaluation discussion)

Clean the site.

Closing ceremony

Home time.

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The overnight stay outcomes

Over the last few terms the Guides have been promised an over night stay.  These are the outcomes.

  • More overnight stays planned.
  • Skills upgraded.
  • Discovering the Four World Centers
  • Cooking knowledge and skills increased .
  • Exploration of International countries and some cultures.
  • Self development acknowledged
  • Still negatively geared re financial pathway
  • Made and used crafts, tools and teaching aids,
  • Promise and law explored.
  • Leadership skills obtained.
  • Patrols worked on.
  • Badges gained and progressed through.
  • Working on membership increase.
  • Life skills gained.
  • Hazelwood South Hall reused.
  • Guide traditions and Links of Unity explored.
  • Friendship bonds strengthened.

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Choosing governace

Governance is about having the choice to choose, then knowing what to do with this choice.  All levels of Guiding are shown different processes for the same thing.

The 7 to 9’s are called Dolphin Patrol.  We already have the Koala Patrol for the 10 to 13’s.

We played Hop-Scotch. And we did some more of the Columbia badge.

Some more Guide revieved their sashes and some badges.

There were
Special Badges – 100 year celebration, Jota/Joti,  2 round badges called Build a better World, Discover your Potential.

Some Guides got their Explore: Freiendship badges.

We are nearly finished some others too. They are

Explore: Our World, Life Skills,Guiding, Outdoors, Arts

Some have started their Explore: Faith Awareness and their Explore: Health and Fitness and Science and technology badges.

And we have also begun the :
Challenge Badges: Girls, Rope, Food, Fire, Hands, The Arts.

Theres one called the Bridges over to Argetina and we have started that too.

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What is an apple basic

Sometime people are so familiar with things that they do not know one is the other.  That is a chicken lays an egg, which a shop then sells. That egg white comes from the inside of the egg!  Or in this case an apple may be made into apple juice and apple pulp then used in two different recipes.

So the Guides were shown that if they peel several apples, core them, chop them up into pieces (sizes as evenly as possible) then cook these pieces aver a heat sauce with a little water you actually end up with a mixture from which the stained juice is apple juice and the remaining stuff in the strainer is the apple puree.

Cool and use as soon as possible.

But what do you use it for. So over time they have been shown the following: Apple juice, Apple Puree, Salad dressing, Apple pancakes.

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Salad dressing

2 cloves garlic crushed

1 tsp whole grain mustard

2 tbsp lemon juice

1 tsp vinegar ( was recomeneded to have balasamic vinegar but we used what was on hand.)

1 tsp box honey (some one was allegic to honey so out came the brown sugar)

60 ml unsweetened apple juice.

1 tsbp extra virgin oil

Everything went into a whisk and was combined.  Mix was chilled and used on salads.  Makes only about 100mls per mix.  Therefore is an easy recipe for the Guides to learn and pass on.  A great way of using several steps to complete a multi level learning task.

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