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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Family BBQ’s

Family BBQs have usually been a time of getting together so that families can just say hello to one another.  Usually held at the  Hazelwood South Hall during the third term as there is plenty of room both inside and outside of the Hall.  Great in all weather conditions.

The Hazelwood and Churchill District team organises this event.  All levels of Guiding, along with a the Family BBQ subcommittee, within the Haelwood and Churchill District have input and will be assisting on the Family BBQ evening.

As the family BBQ subcommittee has updates these will be posted on this site.  So should you want to be kept informed , have input there generally are two easy ways of doing so.  Online or personally.  RSPV via comments below. And yes we need to be aware of any dietary restrictions.

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Centenary Challenge Badge

During the year of 2010 the world of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts are 100 years old.  Very early in Guiding history Australia came under the banner name of Girl Guides.   { note Australia does have Girls in the Scout movement, which is intirley another organisation for Youth.]

Like many other youth Members the Guides in the Hazelwood and Churchill District were asked if they wanted to participate in the Centenary Challenge Badge.  With the positive answer we all together worked out a method of including the syllabus into the weekly Guide meetings.

It was decided by the Guides to attempt the basic first level of this badge.  The older Guides would complete there second level through out the rest of the year – especially when the have their own meeting time on another night!   Later if there was time and interest the Centenary Gold Challenge may be looked at.

So far there has been interesting developments occurring as the Guides progress through this badge syllabus.

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Australia Days

Over the years there have been different ways the Guides have assisted with Australia Day celebrations.  The assistance needed may be reading a Prayer, leading the songs, giving out the flags to the public or being in the Color party either as color bearers or raising the Australian flag.  Sometimes Guides are invited to Melbourne to attend in the celebrations there, other times the District has gone into Morwell for the Citizenship Presentations.  Most times the local Churchill Celebrations are attended. To check out these posts just click and read on

Pre – Australia Day 2011

Previous years:

2010 : On the day and prep work.

2009 On the day and prep information and work


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The Gipp’s Guides

The Gipp’s Guides is for those ladies between eighteen and twenty nine.  Usually they  function automotonosly.  Some Gipp’s Guide members are in a leadership capacity, others are not. Some have made their Promise, some work on this Sections Peak Achievement Award.  At times there are jobs that need doing so the members offer their knowledge, life skills, talents and services. Others chose just to come along and join in. Which ever way it is their own personal choice.

Here is a list of things that the some of  Gipp’s Guides have been involved with. Expanding their knowledge basis, management skills, and just getting out there and doing things. The invitation is there of you dare to want to be an independant person that has a voice in what they want to do.

The current situation is that the Gipp’s Guides enjoy being part of the Hazelwood and Churchill District Guides so while the members what the benefit of others mentoring while they all gain in experience, membership and skills they are being included as members of the Hazelwood and Churchill District Guide Team.

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District Team Meetings

The objective of a District having Adult members within it’s management is to assist the the Guide members where necessary and in an appropriate manner within the Guide Lines of the Girl Guide Association. A District Leader chooses one of the two  methods available to her that she deems applicable with that District, the situations applicable and her own methodology.

A District Team is different from a District Support Group in several  significant areas and similar in concept with others.  The method that the current District Leader has chosen to revitalise and upgrade the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District is that of a District Team.  The Hazelwood and Churchill District Team stakeholders includes parents, friends, people with life skills and special interests, other volunteers, Leaders, Unit Helpers, and the Gipp’s Guides.  Hang on and the District Leader herself!

Through the District Team things are beginning to happen.  Check them out.  Come and attend.  You may even wonder “Why not become a District Team member?”.  Member or not these events may interest you too.

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District Leaders meetings agendas, notes and minutes

Over the last fifty plus years that the Hazelwood [and then Churchill was added too] District Girl Guides has been functioning  District Leaders have come, held the position and then moved on.  The longest actively serving District Leader has been BellBird [Mrs Kath Tanian]. To Bellbird this District gives thanks to her forward thinking ideas that allowed for a new pathway to be readied as the highway of super changed emerged around her.

Minutes of District Leaders meetings were kept in hard copy and are stored in shelves and boxes.  Unfortunity  when a long serving Unit Leader left after many years she mistakenly held the view that the District was about to close.  This Leader actions suggested that the records therefore did not  belong to Guide Center (as per reqirement ) but belonged somewhere else.  So these records have been lost to the District.

Therefore as time moves on all the District records are being kept in hard copy as well as on the internet.  Thus available to all as records should be.  How ever please note the information is available on trust.  Not all information is released as some will fall into the catergory of private and confidential.  Therefore a not will be placed on the District Minutes and other records available for internet viewing.

Understanding that even with years these records missing when there were just two Leaders and no District Leader discussions were held and progress went on anyway.  Some of these general discussions were recorded… especially as moneys needed to be paid as bill came in, actions needed to be recorded and other matters explained for posterity.

The most recent District records will be on the top of the following list:

2010 :- April 13th,  March 8th,

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