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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

District Leaders meetings agendas, notes and minutes

Over the last fifty plus years that the Hazelwood [and then Churchill was added too] District Girl Guides has been functioning  District Leaders have come, held the position and then moved on.  The longest actively serving District Leader has been BellBird [Mrs Kath Tanian]. To Bellbird this District gives thanks to her forward thinking ideas that allowed for a new pathway to be readied as the highway of super changed emerged around her.

Minutes of District Leaders meetings were kept in hard copy and are stored in shelves and boxes.  Unfortunity  when a long serving Unit Leader left after many years she mistakenly held the view that the District was about to close.  This Leader actions suggested that the records therefore did not  belong to Guide Center (as per reqirement ) but belonged somewhere else.  So these records have been lost to the District.

Therefore as time moves on all the District records are being kept in hard copy as well as on the internet.  Thus available to all as records should be.  How ever please note the information is available on trust.  Not all information is released as some will fall into the catergory of private and confidential.  Therefore a not will be placed on the District Minutes and other records available for internet viewing.

Understanding that even with years these records missing when there were just two Leaders and no District Leader discussions were held and progress went on anyway.  Some of these general discussions were recorded… especially as moneys needed to be paid as bill came in, actions needed to be recorded and other matters explained for posterity.

The most recent District records will be on the top of the following list:

2010 :- April 13th,  March 8th,

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