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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Learning about our WAGGGS family.

The Bright pink colored section of the Centenary Challenge Badge has three sections [Self, Practical and Physical and People]

The Guides decided to start off by finding out about the Links of Unity.  Of which they were also using as part of their Pre-Promise work.

Different games were played to help them learn about these Links of Unity. These games included the Snakes and Ladders Promise and law game, making different Flip Cards with the promise and laws individually stuck onto these cards.  Learning about peace and tolerance through what our World Flag Symbols mean lead to a discussion  of tolerance with a story even creeping into the program.

Finding out the symbolization of what each of the Links actually meant was a bit more of a challenge. Then the Guides were in their Patrol corner working on different games and activities.  on the big notice board near by the Promise and laws were pinned up.  What was worked out was that the promise and Laws link in so many of the symbols that one could get confused.  Actually their was no right or wrong just different interpretations.  These interpretations meant the Guides had to think how these links of Unity actually fitted into their daily lives.

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