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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Individual responsibility

BP once said the “The patrol System leads each boy to see that he has some individual responsibility for the good of his patrol’.  [Centernary challenge Book Page 18]

Guiding has a system that works on duplication.  What works at the bottom also works at the top.  A Patrol Leader is voted in.  This Patrol Leader is Okayed by the Leaders. The Patrol Leader chooses her Patrol Seconder.  Different job placements are allocated whilst each member is a member of that patrol.  Also during the actual meeting time other vasrious jobs are undertaken by different members withinthat Patrol.  This is the system that also is operational at all the other levels through out Guiding.

So the Hazelwood and Churchill District Leader has asked each member on the active District Team to each orgasnise the sub committee for an event of activity. Such as the Hazelwood South Hall Subcommittee, the Jota / Joti subcommittee, Clean Up Australia day, Fundraising for the new Uniforms, Family BBQs and the list is growing.

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Sharing Skills With Others

Since the beginning of 2010 this dark green section of the Centenary challenge badge has been an on going experience for the Guides. As the Guides develop their communication skills they realize the importance of allowing others a voice, a say what they are all doing.

The giving of clear instructions is an important part of communication with any process.  If clear instructions are not given the confusion rains and frustration occurs. Then anger at others comes out. The game or activity needs to stop.  People take time out to cool down and discussion happens as to what went wrong.  Sometimes this happens straight away, other times after another activity has occurred.  Then comparisons of the two games / activities happens.  Our discussions and evaluations usually are based around the Guide Laws and Promise. What went well and how to improve come from these discussions as well.

The Guides absorb the communication skills of those around them.  therefore when skills are being learned the making the learning of that skill an enjoyable, fun and useful activity is worthwhile for all stakeholders in the learning activity and any follow ups later on that reinforce the knowledge and self confidence gained..

So far this year the games and activities that have been played are:

chalk drawing,    skipping,   bubble making,     the fifty cent game,     Snap [with the Guide Law Cards made last year],     kick ball,     soccer,     Captains coming, painting,     making cards,     cooking different things,     making knots with snake lollies,      a Magic theme disco,     erecting and striking a tent,     the Penny Hike,     scrap booking a recipe book,     making a ‘mug wamp’,     gathering five things on a walk,     the Promise and Law Snakes and Ladders game,     a Historic World Guide Bingo game,     making invitations ,     crossing the road,     Kitchen safety games,     word find games about Guiding and Australia, and animals, in a group,     human checkers,     dressing up international costumes,     working on making a power point presentation,     horseshoe,     Making or reaffirming our Promise,     working out where the emergency gathering area is at the Hazelwood South Hall,    Playing historical games about the Founders,.

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Creating a front garden at the Hazelwood South Hall

The Hazelwood South Hall entrance looks uncared for. So what if we all spend a little time sprucing this area up?

A Saturday has been put aside so that the tan bark that has been donated for the Hall use combined with some of the bricks from the back of the Hall used as an edging for two little gardens can be created.

So how about making this a District family event occurring on the 3rd of April 2010.

Venue – Hazelwood South Hall, 762 Tramway Road Churchill Victoria 3842

Start time 9 oclock – finish at lunch time.  Your family will need tools like wheel barrows, gloves, shovels, buckets and garden forks.

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Looking after Our World

This Purple colored area covers what the Guides have been doing towards their Centenary Challenge Badge.

First they had to identify local projects to help the environment.  Well Clean up Australia Day was happening in March each year so through schools, Guides or other groups cleaning up rubbish will be done, The Hazelwood South Hall needs a front garden area revamp before winter and the bricks out the back of the Hazelwood South Hall still need removal for recycling..

Then the District Leader found out about the strip of land in the center of Churchill that the Department of Human Services want to put housing on.  Thus upsetting the people who live in Walker Street who would like this land strip to have a use other than a barren piece of land with a few swings (soon to be removed) that people cut through on their way to the shops.  So a survey was begun while the Hazelwood District Team and few Youth members were at the Churchill Festival 2010.

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