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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Looking after Our World

This Purple colored area covers what the Guides have been doing towards their Centenary Challenge Badge.

First they had to identify local projects to help the environment.  Well Clean up Australia Day was happening in March each year so through schools, Guides or other groups cleaning up rubbish will be done, The Hazelwood South Hall needs a front garden area revamp before winter and the bricks out the back of the Hazelwood South Hall still need removal for recycling..

Then the District Leader found out about the strip of land in the center of Churchill that the Department of Human Services want to put housing on.  Thus upsetting the people who live in Walker Street who would like this land strip to have a use other than a barren piece of land with a few swings (soon to be removed) that people cut through on their way to the shops.  So a survey was begun while the Hazelwood District Team and few Youth members were at the Churchill Festival 2010.

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