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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Making ANZAC hats

The Guides  enjoyed making this slouch hat. Things did get a little hair raising but nothing a touch of the Glue gun could not fix.


•  scrap felt

•  long gold bead to represent badge

•  needle and thread for stitching it together

•  leather strip for chin strap

•   narrow ribbon for brim.


1. Cut from felt—two crown pieces and one brim.

2. Stitch the two crown pieces together, using either back stitch or overcasting stitch, leaving the flat side open.

3. Turn the crown inside out (stitching inside).

4. Stitch brim to crown using either back stitch or overcasting stitch.

5. Turn up one side of hat to form slouch and sew the bead in the middle to hold in place.

6. Push crown down in middle.

7. Add leather strap underneath to form chin strap and ribbon for hatband.

Altered from ‘Aileen Anvey, a Guide Leader from  Queensland.

We found that on one camp the Guides enjoyed pinning this slouch hat to their camp hats. Another time small cork pieces were used for it to become a swaggy’s hat!  However when they tried to attach pieces of feathers we all learned new expletives.  The Glue was hot.  Eventually someone thought of using a pin to poke and direct the glue over the fluffy feather bits.  These hats really looked quite effective actually.

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Wanting to fly high.

Recently I found out that there are guides in the Units that would like to learn to fly. So I dug out an article from

GIAJuly 1997-Vol. 18 No. 6 I Sincerely hope that these Guides will be encouraged to follow their dreams.  Making them a reality.  Go for it Guides.  Fly High and Look Wider Still.  There are so many things that Guiding can and does offer you an avenue into. Flying, Orienteering, bush walking, water activities such as sailing, canoeing, diving.Did you know that B-P’s Grand daughter fly’s planes? Well why not you too?

” Did you ever dream of flying with the eagles? A gliding weekend held recently at the Morawa Gliding Club was a most exhilarating adventure. Gliding is the sport of unpowered aviation and is often also referred to as soaring. The type of sailplane used for this activity is a two-seater trainer, in which the student sits in front of the instructor. This particular one known as a Blanik is launched from the airstrip by a diesel powered winch pulling it into the air at a speed of around 40 knots. It is a sport in every sense of the word, involving a lot of co-operation and team work on the ground, and it culminates with ultimate thrill of being launched like a kite into the blue.

Learning to glide requires only the ability to apply yourself to learning new skills. Naturally it is necessary to have qualified instructors on hand, and these professionals rigorously prepare each individual for their personal challenge.

Morawa is the only Gliding Club in the Northern Wheatbelt of Western Australia, and has much to offer. The open country combined with the high temperatures allows for soaring opportunities equal to the best you will find anywhere. Previously one of our girls was invested over the radio which has contact with the winch while she was soaring above us. Appropriately this keen flyer later went on to earn her Gliding Federation of Australia ‘C’ Certificate. The great thing about is that it is a fraction of the cost of power flying. So don’t take our word for it, explore the thrills for yourself! Competent instructors make soaring silently through the sky a pleasure, and the memory of it is a very wonderful experience.

Carolyn Wheat Western Australia”

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Balloon basket ball

Balloon basket ball is a noisy fun game.

Two equal teams are formed.  The balloon is trown in the middle and players try to hit the balloon to their own goal.

This might be a player standing on a chair  or a piece of newspaper holding a pin!.

To score gaoler must pop balloon without getting off the chair or out of the square newspaper area.

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Give it a Whirl

This is actually a fun whirly glider thing to make.  originally it came from a Guiding Australia magazine as guides through out Australia were being encouraged to fund raise for a bus so that the Kiribati Guides had transport..

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The Create Air badge.

Over the time that the look wide create :air badge has been available the Guides have completed many sections using different things.

Some have colored and made mobiles with various pictures, made posters, used colored pictures of balloons, airplanes, made Bubbles, used bubbles themes and Air in different activities, events and camps.

Making things that fly our of different shapes of paper was interesting too.  When Guides Australia were challenged to assist with a Asia Pacific Region Service Challenge which involved fundraising so that the Guides in Kiribus could afford a bus – different activities came out through magazines.  Kiribus being a atoll in the Pacific there are always air currents. Using air currents was something that the Guides here in Australia could have fun learning about and understanding too.

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