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Back in Australia: The Here and Now

Finish the A.N.Z.A.C. wide game on a thoughtful note.  That of having a Guides Own.

Read the Ode that is at the Back of A.N.Z.A.C day service sheets.  This Ode is simple, and straight to the point.

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A.N.Z.A.C. biscuits

There are many different ways of preparing A.N.Z.A.C. biscuits.   This is a basic recipe.  These biscuits were cooked so that they were crispy rather than tender or the biscuit would not last until it arrived on the Battle front as it would crumble or mold.


  • 2 cups of rolled oats
  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 cups coconut
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • 250g butter
  • 4 tblspns golden syrup
  • 1 tspn baking soda
  • 2 tblspn boiling water


Turn oven to 160’C. Lightly grease oven trays.

Put oats, flour, coconut, sugar in big mixing bowl. Melt butter and golden syrup in pan. Take off heat.

Mix baking soda and boiling water in a cup. Add to melted butter in the pan. Quickly add to big mixing bowl. Mix well.

Roll tablespoonful lots into balls. put on trays 5cm apart.

Press lightly with fork.

Bake for 20 minutes, one tray at a time.

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A.N.Z.A.C. Wide Game Evacuation of Egypt.

Sing some songs that the A.N.Z.A.C.’s sung on their return trip back to Australia and New Zealand.

Songs like

On your return to Australia have a cuppa Billy Tea and some A.N.Z.A.C. biscuits.

Hold a challenge with the other Patrols as to how to swing a Billy of Tea.

Interesting to have a group of youth trying to swing a Billy of tea.  Make sure that the contents are cold though.  Scolds and Burns do not equate with     Duty of Care factors.

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Quarter Masters Store song

There are rats, rats, rats as big as alley cats

In the store, in the store

There are rats, rats, rats as big as alley cats

At the Quartermaster’s store


My eyes are dim, I can not see

I have not brought my specs with me

All-i-gators … Eating Nilla Wafers Ant-e-lopes … Using all the rope Apes….eating all the grapes

Beagles … Being chased by eagles

Beans….as big as submarines

Beavers … Wielding rusty cleavers
Bears … Running down the stairs (or: With curlers in their hair)

Beetles … Running on the needles

Bees….with little knobby knees

(or: Buzzing ’round the keys)

Bob-bob-whites … Wearing silken tights

Bread….with great big lumps like lead

Buf-fa-loes … Eating all the dough (or: With hair between their toes) Butter….running in the gutter

Cakes….that give us tummy aches

Cheese . . . that makes you want to sneeze. (or: with kilts and hairy knees)

Coke….enough to make you choke

Deer … Drinking all the coffee


Dip-lo-dacus … Causing quite a fracas

Eagles … Chasing little beagles

Eggs…with scaly chicken legs

Fishes….washing al the dishes

Fleas … Crawling on our knees Flies….swarming ’round the pies

Flour . . . that will give you super power.

Foxes….stuffed in little boxes

Goats….eating all the oats

Gold-gold-finch … Sitting on the winch

Gravy….enough to float the navy

Hats . . . being worn by hairless rats.

Hip-hip-pos … Stepping on our toes

Ice … If you’re really nice

Kippers . . . in little furry slippers.

Lard….they sell it by the yard

Leaders….slapping at the skeeters.

Meat . . . smelling like [Name’s/Sergeant’s] feet.

Mer-chan-dise … Sold at twice the price

Mice….running through the rice

Moths….eating through the cloths

Owls….shredding paper towels

Pepsi….that gives you apoplexy

Plat-y-pi … Eating all the pie

Quar-ter-masters … Hanging from the rafters

Rac-rac-coons … Stealing all the spoons

Ravens … Acting rather craven

Roaches….sleeping in little coaches

Snails … Crawling on the nails

Snakes … Big as garden rakes

Soot….they grow it by the foot

SPLs … Making funny smells

Trout … Causing lots of grout

Tuna … Running ’round the room-a

Turkey … Eating all the jerkey

Turtles….wearing rubber girdles

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Settling in at Gallipoli

  1. Have the Guides find out what a Periscope, a ballista and what other firing devises for shells were used during the First World War. Or have on display diagrams for their construction.
  2. Dig your trench using sheets, blankets, boxes or anything else suitable.
  3. Using a paper tube and mirrors make a periscope.
  4. Work with a Patrol to make a ballista, trebucket or other devise from which to fire shells – water bombs.

This A.N.Z.A.C. wide game activity has many uses.  Although Guides looks for peaceful ways of resolving conflict this is not to say that Guides cannot be a) inventive and b) gain a basic understanding of what ‘man’ has invented in order to force another into submission statis.

Really good when dad’s come to Guide Family days and try and compete with the Guides.  Never quite sure whose won on these days but makes a lot of laughs as the adults try and out do the Guides.  Then of course you have partners and the opposite sex adults trying to out do each other as well.

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An A.N.Z.A.C. Experience Wide Game

The objective of this wide game is to teach the Guides something about what preparation the soldiers had on their way to Gallipoli during the First World War. The wide game itself was set out through the Guiding in Australia Magazine.

Since the soldiers traveled by sea their trainings had to carry on throughout the long weeks of the trip. So certain skills were practiced through out this time.

Pre teach the following skills to the Guides in the lead up to the Wide Game time.

  • Understand what the A.N.Z.A.C. acronym stands for.  What did the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps do?
  • Practice Semaphore and Morse Code.
  • Knots using square knots to make things.
  • First Aid and Slings.
  • Knots and lashings to make stretchers.
  • Pre-cook A.N.Z.A.C. biscuits
  • Learn how to make billy tea.

The wide game consists of the following Activities.

  1. Patrols aboard ship and Prepare for sailing.
  2. Staying fit whist on the ship
  3. Arrival at Mena Camp in Egypt.
  4. Further preperations for Turkey
  5. Landing at Galliopli.
  6. Settling in at Galliopli
  7. Surviving the trenches
  8. Decoy cricket
  9. Evacuation to Egypt.
  10. Back in Australia Now.

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Their Service – Our Heritage Badge

This badge was presented when a list of challenges had been decided upon and completed.  Each year the badges colors changed’

The list consisted of things like:

  1. Invite a guest speaker from the RSL.
  2. Make a diggers hat badge.
  3. Do some of the Global Challenge Peace activities.
  4. Take part in a musical review of Wartime songs.
  5. Find out about family life during war time rationing.
  6. Make a contribution to an international organisation for Peace.
  7. What role do the Red Cross and Salvation Army play in times of conflict.
  8. Why A.N.Z.A.C?  Share with others some interesting information.
  9. Find out about the role women played in times of conflict.
  10. Make A.N.Z.A.C. Biscuits.
  11. Find out about the Guides international Service. [GIS]
  12. Find out about the Australian Service Peace keeping activities.
  13. Use the A.N.Z.A.C. Pack or web site.
  14. What else could you do?
  15. Plan a Lunch using the A.N.Z.A.C. soldiers rations.
  16. Signal messages with torches using Morse Code.
  17. Create an A.N.Z.A.C. wreath.
  18. Role play to work out peaceful resolutions to problems.
  19. Visit an R.S.L. to view an historical display.
  20. Participate in an A.N.Z.A.C. day or Rememberance Day service.
  21. Make a Peace Dove with a message of Peace.
  22. Contribute to a collage, mural or display about Peace.
  23. Reflect on Rememberance day. Give a red Poppy that you have made to someone else.
  24. Watch a video about conflict resolution.
  25. Give service to your Local Community.
  26. What was the Land Army, and what role did it play in times of conflict?

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A.N.Z.A.C. March in Yinnar

The Hazelwood / Churchill District Girl Guides have been invited to participate in the Yinnar Anzac Day March and Ceremony on 25th April most years.

We meet at 8.30am in the main street of Yinnar – near the General Store gathering together before and after the Parade. Guides will be required to wear full Guide Uniform as a mark of respect for ‘those fallen’ military personal that this remembrance day is about.

It would be appreciated if the Guides have eaten prior to this as there is no food or drinks served and it is a fairly lengthy Ceremony. Names, transport arrangements and contact numbers are necessary at least one week before so that no one misses out.

Yes please bring some flowers as everyone is asked to lay something at the memorial.

Also the Girls are requested to bring some money for putting into the collection plate during the service.

As preparation for this event the Guides usually spend some time learning and practising to march and what flags are for.  Guides Horse Shoe, Promise ceremonies and other traditions gradually help prepare the Guides for this day.

Any queries please speak to Sue or Debbie before the event.  [ Sometimes Sue or Debbie may not be able to participate]

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Basic knowledge on Wide Games

Wide games are fun to organise and to play.  The themes are endless.

However there needs to be at least some knowledge base as to the theme of what the wide game is based around. This way the Guides are not being set up to fail, but to use the knowledge and skills they have so that there is a reinforcement of other skills coming into being.  Skills such as passing knowledge on, doing tasks as a group, the more experianced one showing others how to do a task, team work, friendship, working with all the levels of Guiding.

So for every section of your wide game have at least one activity practice session in the weeks preceding the wide game to be played. This is a method of making a ‘planned model‘ where the Guides have a background to relate activities too. If there are different levels of Guiding participating (age groups, meeting times etc) then mix the teams playing the wide game up.  This way everyone may have a share of sharing some knowledge and skill with the others of their team.

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