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Basic knowledge on Wide Games

Wide games are fun to organise and to play.  The themes are endless.

However there needs to be at least some knowledge base as to the theme of what the wide game is based around. This way the Guides are not being set up to fail, but to use the knowledge and skills they have so that there is a reinforcement of other skills coming into being.  Skills such as passing knowledge on, doing tasks as a group, the more experianced one showing others how to do a task, team work, friendship, working with all the levels of Guiding.

So for every section of your wide game have at least one activity practice session in the weeks preceding the wide game to be played. This is a method of making a ‘planned model‘ where the Guides have a background to relate activities too. If there are different levels of Guiding participating (age groups, meeting times etc) then mix the teams playing the wide game up.  This way everyone may have a share of sharing some knowledge and skill with the others of their team.


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