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Decoy Cricket

Lots of laugh this game as there is bound to be a fair bit of cheating.  Which is probably half the fun of the game !The confusion that rains is reminiscent of the trench warfare battles in that there is confusion every where.

Two Patrols play the game of French Cricket.

One team will defend [ the A,N.Z.A.C.s] and the other team [The Turks] will bat and try to stop the A.N.Z.A.C.s by firing ‘shells’ [water bombs] by using the model ballista.


  • The attacking Guide [Turk] has the cricket bat.
  • Taking up position in the center of the field they may now not move their feet.
  • They try to hit the ball while trying not to get their legs hit by the ball.
  • They are out if they are hit below the knee or their ball is caught.
  • the next person goes into bat.
  • To score a run they must hit the ball out of the rope circle.
  • The defending team must run around the rope circle fielding then throws the ball back to another team member or at the bat, trying to hit the batters legs or to make them raise the ball for a  catch.
  • Any batter can score up to five runs at which time they retire.

Missile Firing

  • The attacking team [ the Turks] can use their ballista while the game is in progress to try and hit any of the fielders [ the A.N.Z.A.C.s]. If a water bomb hits the fielder then they can no longer stay on the field for that innings.  But instead go to the ‘field hospital’ where they receive treatment and become spotters for incoming missiles.
  • Reducing the fielders gives the person who is batting [the Turk] a better chance of making the runs.
  • Fielders will need to dodge the missiles while trying to get out the batsman.

Challenging and rather wet.  Play on a warm day.

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