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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

We had a friendship evening and this is what we did.

Making friends

In one of the Books or magazines that was available through Guide Center these suggestions for a Friendship night were there.  Now we tried the program out several times. Each time it has been on the program something different happens.


While listening to a story or song tape, make a Friendship Bracelet to exchange. (This could be an activity to start the first part of the CONNECTIONS program).

Half girls put bracelets into a bag. Other half in turn draw one out, keep and give theirs to the maker of the one they now have. These two then become partners to start singing game.

By the time the friendship bracelets have been made and tied on there  are some hungry stomachs growling noisily.  It is now that the younger Guides are asked what they want to drink or eat.  While this is being attended to the second phase of the night will occur.

• Singing Game: Make new Friends.

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Following a different route to…

Some very important decissions to be made each time the planning of the Rac Wac (Race around Churchill, Walk around Churchill) is underway is:

a) Where is the starting point,

b) What is the destination

c) Time of day to start, d) theme of day,

e) Mode of transport available (feet or wheels?)

f) Family event, district event or just Guides and Leaders?

g) What are the Occupational, Health and Safety requirements,

h) Is each patrol following a different route to an appropriate destination ( accompanied by an adult with first aid kit and a car) or are the whole lot going together to the end destination?

i) Costs involved?

j) What are the S.W.O.T. things to consider?

K) Menu and allergies to foods.

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Did you know Big sea animals info

When Guides was looking into the Sea Animals the following information was put forward from somewhere.  The younger  Guides found that the information was hard to figure out number wise.  So we filled a jar with hundreds and thousands and spread these all over the floor.  Interestingly the Guides insisted that the blue ones were Dolphins, red ones for the Hourglass Whale and the yellow ones Minke Whales.  Collecting just their chosen animal [ that color H & T] they tried to save their animal before the their existence was swept aside [ clean up with the brush and shovel].  Eventually one of the older Guides got out the vacuum cleaner and said ‘mans inventions poison the world’.  So doing turned on the vacuum and cleaned the floor.  The problem remained of what to do with the ‘saved’ mammals.

• The humpback whale lives in the Antarctic as well as throughout the world’s seas? Their length ranges from 14 to over 15 metres and they weigh 30,000 to 40,000 kilograms.

• The hourglass dolphin mainly lives in waters with a temperature of less than five degrees centigrade. It has a distinctive black and white pattern.’

• Minke whales can be found in large groups of up to 1,000 in the Antarctic waters. They can also be found worldwide but rarely in tropical waters. These whales are bluish-grey in colour and grow up to eight metres in length and normally weigh between 5,800 and 7,250 kilograms.

• The killer whale occurs worldwide, preferring coastal areas and cooler waters. Their colour is basically black and white and they are distinguished by a tall fin. They feed on warm­blooded prey such as birds and seals.

The Guides who did this activity have grown up now.  Recently one of them sent a connection via face book re dolphin killing.  It has been good to see that what she was introduced to has remained a factor within her current adult life.

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Affirmations on personal safety are passed on

The following affirmations were printed in a Guiding in Australia magazine a few years ago. Used as part of an ongoing personal safety program through out the years these affirmations are still valid today.  Fortunately there are now many organisations there for the Guides to use. A lot of learning is done through the Education, Media and Health systems now.

  • Surprises are not secrets.

Surprises are about things that make me feel happy, like surprise birthday parties.

  • One day someone bigger might ask me to keep a secret that makes me feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

It’s okay to tell secrets that I feel unsafe or unhappy about to someone on my network. I choose the people on my network.

They are bigger people who care about me and want me to feel safe. I can keep telling people on my network until I feel safe again.

  • No one has the right to make me feel unsafe. If someone does make me feel unsafe, I can tell one of the people on my network and keep telling them until I feel safe again.
  • I know how to help myself keep safe.
  • My body belongs to ME from my head to my toes.

Feeling SAFE puts a smile on my face.

When these affirmations were brought up the Guides readily agreed with  and understood these affirmations on their own personal safety. They are realising that the people in the Guide meetings are part of their life network.

For weeks after these discussions reinforcing the use of feeling safe and showing that safety feeling on the face was sprung on the Guides. It was understood that wearing makeup does not make you happy if there are bruises forming under the surface.  Getting help hopefully before this point, was what was needed.

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The Guides agree that their tummy goes funny when..

In an article published years ago through the  Guiding in Australia magazine the following concept was put forward.

“I know when I’m feeling unsafe. My palms go sweaty, my tummy feels funny and my knees go wobbly. I feel as though I want to go to the toilet. I say to myself, “I have a right to feel safe and be safe ALL the time.” Nothing is so awful that I can’t tell anyone about it.”

The Guides all agreed that there are times when this occurred to people.  These time included when there was a danger around while walking in the bush, or down a dark street or alley [cause the lights had been destroyed by people throwing rocks at the lights], when people called out rude word, names, and other abuse to them or their friends, When it was time to sit tests and exams, time to get up in front of a class and talk about something they had done or saw.

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Knowing the basic personal safety steps.

If I meet someone on my way to or from school, at- play, the shops or anywhere else and that person wants me to go with them, I ask myself these four questions …

  • Do I know this person?
  • Do I feel safe with this person?
  • Can I get help if I need it?
  • Do mum, dad or carer know where I’ll be?

If I answer “NO” to even one of these questions, then I say: “I DON’T have to qo.”

These basic safety steps are reinforced in our District Guide meetings.  When the Application for membership is signed by the careers or parents they are encouraged to write down the pick up people.  We do ask that these people come into where the Guides are meeting so that we may identify who is going away with whom.  A very important SWOT strength as our members are important to us.That is why in Guiding in Australia a few years ago this article was published.

Admittedly there are times when the drop off/ pick up person cannot be available.  Therefore the numbers attending Guides that time will drop off.  It is nice to  know with follow up what is actually happening.  So by calling/ texting the District Leader -Susan -on 0413100230 or facebooking : Hazelwood Churchill Girl Guides people are kept up to date here and meeting activities can be altered to suit sooner.

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Using the ‘My body belongs to me ‘ article.

Have the Guides sit in a circle so that they are comfortable. Explain to the Guides that a discussion about the safety of their own body will be following. Guides who feel uncomfortable are allowed to leave the circle and complete the other activities around the room.  This is an important step in allowing the Guides to feel safe.

Ask the Guides to write on a name tag their own first name.   Ask each Guide to say their own name. ..then to show their name tag.

My body belongs to (name)

With the following discussion topics each Guide is allowed not to talk about herself but to join in on a general line of thought.  We found that it had to be said in the beginning that the discussion could only be about themselves or in general [as in what was on the news, in the newspaper, and in magazines]as otherwise the discussion would be a ‘gossip’ time.

  • I have a right to feel safe ALL the time. If a bigger person is making me feel unsafe or is touching me in a way I don’t feel comfortable about I can say, “NO. Stop that”, even if the person is someone I know.
  • I don’t always have to do what a bigger person wants me to do! It’s okay to make a fuss.
  • I like feeling SAFE
  • I have the right to feel safe and be safe all the time.
  • My body belongs to me. No one has the right to touch me in ways that make me feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
  • Secrets that make me feel unsafe don’t have to be kept.
  • Nothing is so awful I can’t tell someone about it.

The discussion may not cover all topics above.  The answers may surprise you. There were some really positive aspects of the Guides thinking come out of this  discussion. We used this topic as a way of relating the Guides Promise and Law to each Guide growing stronger in their own understanding of themselves.

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Other ideas for looking after your body;

  • Plant your own vegetable or herb garden.
  • Cook something with what you have grown as part of the ingredients.
  • Invite an agriculturist or a gardener who grows plants organically to speak to your Unit about the problems of chemicals in fruit and vegetables.
  • Make a special salad dressing, rather than using a bought one.
  • Set yourself a challenge to eat more fruit and vegetables, and to cut down on the things that you know are not good for you.
  • Visit a food-processing factory, or a market garden to see the packaging or growing and harvesting process.
  • Paint or draw a picture that illustrates what you have made up.
  • Share your plants, recipes, food and pictures with your friends and family.

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Lessons learned long ago are still there.

I have been checking out a link that I have from Facebook.  Heres my memory flash.:

I actually cannot remember what mine was.  1970’s are a bit long ago.  I do remember having to sew the darn thing onto my dark blue uniform sleeve.  Then finding out about a month later that I had sewn everything on in the mirror image.  I think thats when I learned to unpick my own sewing well.    Guess who had to sew everything back on the other way around.

Years later I got really hard to sew the badges down the sleeves, remove others as they had to be replaced when emblems took their place.  No wonder I enjoy informing the current guides that leaving the  badges on their sash (except patrol emblems) is a terrific idea. A personal history pathway that can lead to really great discussions with others who want to, are or have do a similar badge.

Yes I still sew things on in mirror image today.

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