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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Hazelwood and Churchill District Guide Leaders Minutes For May 2010

Hazelwood and Churchill District Guide Leaders Agenda For May 11th 2010

Meeting started :


Message from District Leader:

Good on you Team

When the ‘best’ is expected from people, when standards are set that guide people and when recognition of their efforts are given people will rise to the occasion, do greater than even they believed possible, want to duplicate what happened and carry on with their endeavours. Other people will want to be involved in sharing in the positively flowing energy. The want become a need. Membership grows and further still the things that ‘happen’ generate more things.

Can we keep up?

I believe that every one of us can keep up and enjoy sharpening our talents and natural gifts, in the process taking each of us to greater heights.  Guiding allows us to Aim High and Look Wider Still.



Minutes from April 2010 accepted:  Yes / No


District Leaders:

Treasurer : Amounts to be posted later today.

  • Amount in Accounts:
  • Bills to be paid: District Leader.
  • Bills due to come are txu ,Jardine Llyod and Thompson and Department of Sustainability and Environment.
  • New Financial Records management.


  1. In
    1. Smoke signal received.
    2. District census received
    3. Region Leaders minutes
    4. Outdoors committee minutes
    5. Volunteer Audit
    6. reply to Jane Cleaverly re Hazelwood South hall inquiry.
    7. Tae Quan Doe
    8. Message from people using the Kinder re toilets.
  2. Out
    1. Jane Scarlette : Card sent to family via Guide Center.
    2. Txu payment
    3. Region fee balance
    4. Guide Content insurance
    5. Jane Cleavely re Hazelwood South hall queary

Developing the District



  • Gipps Guides and District Team increasing.
  • Not sure what is happening to Jess Smith but she is unable to attend Tuesday meetings.
  • Interest in the Youth section is on the rise.

Unit information

  • Looking to divide into two as the increase in age groups gets wider.
  • Badges: Gifted to Guides. Paid for by donation.
  • Promise and reaffirmation Ceremony : On Penny Hike.
  • Disco on Saturday 15th
  • Swimming pool on 25th May.

Public Awareness and Relations:

  • Improving slowly as more  people become aware of Guiding in the District.
  • More people reading the ours2share.wordpress.com site.
  • twitter – twitter/com/ourstoshare does not seem to be working.
  • Debbie Gallagher contacted Latrobe City Council re having a meeting and resolving the backbiting coming from other usres of the Glendonald Maternal and Child Health Building (referred to as office)

2010 Calendar :

  • End of year District formal meal,
  • Churchill festival,
  • Playgroup,
  • Ev Graham day,
  • Overnight,
  • Jota/ Joti
  • Rac Wac : Done as penny Hike early in April 2010.  One reaffirmation and two Promises made.
  • Family BBQ 3rd term?  Debbie to head subcommittee.

Service to the Community

  • Survey for Walker Street Park Committee.
  • Unable to attend the CDCA meeting.
  • Suggestion of the fielding a team into the Caner relay for life later in year.
  • Computers.more coming and list has twenty in need families on it.
  • ANZAC DAY Parade Yinnar – As District unable to attend. No Guides able to attend had Formal uniform
  • St Georges Day State Service 23rd – Not attended.
  • Mothers day classic service  : Not attended this year.

Community Events

Sub Committees. The basic paper work and organisation is being done through the developing committees.

Hazelwood South Hall

  • Now have front entrance maintained.
  • 1 District activity to be held there in May.
  • Back area to be recreated as a brickery garden. Nearly completed.
  • Trees transplanted along fence line.
  • Keys: Copy cut and  given to Maya so that the computers can be deleivered to Hazelwood South Hall.
  • Bricks still there to take away until this is done.
  • Interest in use of hall for other District Team fundraising events is coming forth.

Family BBQs


Morning teas  May 13th 2010. Outline of what is expected of the Morning tea subcommittee is nearing completion.

Jump rope for Heart

Fundraising for Uniforms

Celebration yr activities

  • 100 downunder 22 May 2010  closing date : 30 April 2010.  – no one from this district is to attend.

World Guiding.

  • Region Campfire coming up = need to know who is going.
  • Say No to violence to women poster competition.  WAGGGS inititive. Not being entered into from this District

Region news

Region Leaders meeting.

  • Region Campfire:numbers needed so song book may be made by Region Committee.

Outdoor Committee

State information

  • Uniforms: Available as of now from Guide Shop.
  • Street Collections – change to Guidelines – see documents on website under Region Leader Meetings
  • New PR Brochures – tabled. Contact GGV to order some.
  • Support Group and Support Team Consultant. – Pauline Butler..

–                     A past brochure “When your daughter joins Guiding so do you” which was given to all new girls’ parents when they joined.

–                     Brochures should not be gender specific – aimed at both parents.

–                     The need to have a captive audience eg badge presentation to get parents along to a function.

–                     Support Group needs to be driven by DLs and many Districts do not have a DL.

  • Fundraising vouchers – limited at present (currently only Coles Express, others later? Short expiry. Alecia can get them if interested)
  • Link Badge proposal – to be developed in Victoria as a blanket badge until approval etc from National for uniform.
  • Volunteer audit – each district and Burnet Park committee to complete and  email before 31 May

National & International Opportunities

Meeting closed

Next meeting

General Business

  • Region Dinner 29th August.
  • Formation of District Sub-committees  – Jota/i, family BBQ, Jump-rope-for Heart, District Formal meal, Morning teas.
  • District volunteer coordinator = Neerida.
  • Girl Guides Australia have changed their Board and Management make up.  Concentrating more along the lines of sharing skills.  Check out http://www.girlguides.org.au

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