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making a “brickery”

Well the ideas there.  The time frame is there too.  The front entrance gardens have been created.  Now the area out the back of the Hazelwood South Hall must be cleaned up by May 20th 2010.  So say all of us!!

So how do we get rid of the bricks out there?  Loads have been taken away by District team members and members of the public.  But  now the not so good ones are still there.  Moving these is out of the question. There just is not the ‘man-power’ or  petrol money to do this.

Then while some of the District team were present the idea of having a “brickery’ poped out.  Instead of making a rockery when we have bricks not rocks actually makes sense.

Most of the crappy bricks and mortar are actually on the old concreate slab built for the now demolished external toilets.  So if the rest of the mortar and the not so good bricks ghet dumped on the concrete slab too and then the good bricks are made into an edging  this is the basis of the ‘brickery’  There is tan bark out the front of the Hazelwood South Hall that bneeds to be used as well.  This tan bark will be wheel barrowed over too the brickery and placed in the ‘valleys between the brick and mortar piles.

Lastly  plants that last the really hot temperatures and wet seasons will be planted through out the “brickery”  Thus we have finally created our own “Gorilla Garden” at the back of the Hazelwood South Hall.  After the Latrobe City Council has dug away at our car park and entrance way we will be able to replace the historic orginial fence  line and have other Gorilla gardens at the front of the Hall entrances and the Churchill Small Bore Rifle Gun Club.

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