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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Financial record management

One area I really hate doing is finding someone who will look over the years financial books.  Masses of paper print outs are forthcomming and these alone would turn off any unsuspecting reasonable person. So when the current changes began to occur with Girl Guides Australia’s Board and management I noticed there was available a New Financial Record management available on Excel Books to be used as of this year.

Currently the receipts are kept in an exercise books of when the item is either paid for or the purchaser is remimbursed for. The recieps are  stuck down in month order. Not that there is very many of the receipts to keep.  The larger in size bills, as well as bank statements, placed in plastic pockets. Both the reciepts and the bills are kept in a folder. One year one folder.

The Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District has multiple accounts. Onr cheque account for the actually District Funds. The District Leader and the District Sub-committees are reimbursed upon invoice and attached bills.

The Units however have collectively one cheque account used. There are four other accounts. One for the current Unit meeting time. The others all have certain money for differnt things kept within them.

However when the new Unit meeting times open up these accounts then get changed over so that each account is related to one particular Unit meeting time. One of the responsibilites for any new leader in training is that she must learn how to keep her individual Units financial books.  The minimum time period is for three months. Unit moneys that are in line for reimbursement are reimbursed upon invoice and attached bills for that Unit expense from the associated account.

The District Leader expects a financial report each month.  These totals are part of the total money available in the District.  On a monthly basis the money has to be accounted for.

Unit expenses are seperate from the District expenses.  Units may assist the District in funding something, and the Distirict may assist the funding of expenses for the Units. However this is not an automatic right of the District to commondear all moneys held in trust at the Unit basis and vise versa.

The Units need to pay moneys to the District so that the District may in turn pass this money onto the Region Leader.  Same goes at the time of the State Censous.  There is an automatic bill generated for the District of which the Units must pay a portion of.

The Youth Units may individually fund raise, run activities, camps and events.  The Units pay pair up and do the fundraising together.  In this case the money is shared as per written agreement before the fundraising begins.  No written agreement equals a fifty fifty share of all costs and profits.  Any goods left over are divided equally as well once the bill has been paid.

The Gipp’s Guides run on a similar system. However they have chosen that 10% of their fundraising efforts is to be kept in the Gipp’s Guide bank account for their management use.

When the District, or the representive sub committees, run activities, camps, fundraisers etc the money goes through the District Account.

Please note that after an item is purchased and  initially used the ownership of that item will be that of the Districts.  The rational is that when everything belongs to the District all may share use of everything.  Which means that where one Unit pays for one thing [say cordial for a camp] and another unit pays for dish wash then both units will benefit without the money wastage of duplication and throwing out of half empty items. This system works when everyone pulls their financial weight.


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