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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

What’s expected of Morning Tea Sub-Committee

Organise a Sub-committee

  • Have job descriptions to cover the jobs

  • have tick off sheets if necessary

Work with the districts OH & S and Food supervisor

  • Check out safety of area 7 working days before Morning Tea

  • Note any maintenance needed to be done.

  • Inform relevant person so this will be followed up on.


  • Email susanc@speedweb.com.au with recipes

  • Inform Public – word of mouth is a good way to go to start with.

  • Use social media avenues to inform public of Morning Tea.
  • If everyone places on facebook [or other social media events calendar] the event and an open invitation as effective as Word of Mouth advertising of event..

  • Use the Hazelwood Churchill Girl Guide Facebook Site to inform all team members


  • Make invitations with RSVP date and contact number.

  • Organise ingredients/ pre-make foods the day afternoon at the Glendonald Maternal and Child centre.

  • Council seems to use the centre in the Mornings.

  • Organise tables and chairs after the last Guide meeting.

  • Have everything that you need on hand and sorted out day before the Morning Tea.

  • Organise the complementary appropriate  clothing that your subcommittee will wear.

  • Have you any ‘thank you for attending’ cards for delivery?

Paper work

  • Write out recipes

  • In a folder available for all to see must go:

The recipes used[complete with alterations]

  • Copy of the overview.
  • The risk analysis

  • The evacuation plan

  • Tick sheet of checks completed and signed off

Receipts and costing

  • Building layout

  • genetic job description list

  • Make a SWOT / update the swot from last time..

  • Evaluate the Morning Tea

  • Pre, during and after.

Organise with sub-committee where and when.

  • Write a report and sent all documents to District Leader.

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  1. […] organised and shaped up.  Firstly the paper work is being worked on. The sub-committee is aware of what is expected of them. The recipes are in, equipment in the office and kitchen has been noted, cupboards at the office […]

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