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Working out what is a risk

Brainstorm any threats that have even the slimmest chance of happening, pre-event, during the event or at the event.

Mindmap these slim chances happenings.  give subheadings for clusters of similar threats a heading.  ie, unreasonable behavior might have abusive behavior, riots, security threats where under the heading of accidents electrical shock may be a subheading, along with , falling obsticals.  When dealing with food or refreshment  food poisoning,, running out are two more headings.

Now list these clusters vertically.  Place under each subheading a list of possibilities. Can you think of any more.

Have a look at your swot for the event. Have you listed the weaknesses and threats? Do any of these weaknesses and threats have the making of an accident or incident?

Check out the strengths and opportunities as well.  Could there be an incident or accident in the making here? refer to the Risk Register: risk Matrix chart

When working out the likelihood of things happening there are five catergories: Almost Certain [1], Likely [2], Moderate [3], Unlikely [4],  Rare[5].  What is the likelihood of the eggs used being a bit dicey but were used any way? Might there be an ingredient that is used which may cause anaphylactic shock?  To me the eggs being off would hopefully be a ‘rare’ catergary so this gets a ‘rare’  [5] where as there are a lot of sensitive people in the population so the ingrediants used would receive a likelihood of a  ‘moderate’ [3] listing..

Since the event does not use power points the likely hood of an electrical shock falls into the rare [5] catergary. But since there are children playing a fall of some type is ‘Almost certain’ [1]

Now we deal with sorting out the consequences.

Consequences fall into the following five types:  Insignificant [1], Minor[2], Moderate[3], Major[4] and Catastrophic[5].

Go back to your first thing in the list. In the example I am using we have

Example                               Likelhood        X         Consequences

Food poising                           5                  x

Analplatic Shock                    3                  x

Electrical shock                       5                  x

Fall                                             1                  x

Now work out the Consequences and allot a number to them under the consequence heading.

The consquense of using ‘off’ eggs being in a cake that is then divided and shared among the guests may cause multiple fatalities.  Therefore this consquence is a ‘5’

Example                               Likelhood        X         Consequences

Food poising                           5                  x                   5

Check on the Risk register : Risk Matrix chart and you will see that the result appears to be in a yellow box.  The index below the chart has yellow corresponding with ‘Corrective action needed. Action in short term as appropriate.  Once this list is completed you will be working out what to do to prevent these things happening

Moving on with the rest  of the list.

Example                               Likelhood        X         Consequences

Food poising                           5                  x                   5    As above

Analplatic Shock                    3                  x                   5    Falls into the red section so discontinue operation and / or immediate corrective action required.

Electrical shock                       5                  x                   5    Falls into yellow catergory.

Fall                                             1                  x                  2     Falls into the green area.  So you are going to Implement practicable short term control measures.

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Risk Register : Risk Matrix chart

Once you become familiar with this risk Register : Risk Matrix chart and the results that you get making a risk analysis becomes easier you will find that listing possible and unlikely events into clusters takes practice but it does become easier.

The chart is a copy of one that our Local City Council use when planning their events. Or if anyone is planning an event on the Land that the Council have a Duty of Care for. Between what the Girl Guides Australia and the Local City Council expect you will become quite familiar with this chart and associated paper work. 

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