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Making a Dilly Bag line.

Basically a Dilly bag line is intended to be used to hang thing on – without pegs.
Two ropes are tied onto something vertical [tree, post that type of thing] with  the basic knots of clove hitch knot or a round turn and two half hitches.
These two ropes are then twisted over each other until the ropes reach the other vertical thing to tie the ropes off onto. Again a tree or post.
Tied off again with a round turn and two half hitches.
To hang things from the ropes just separate an area along the twisted ropes and slip the thing to hang through closing the rope after the item will happen automatically – unless the ropes are not twisted enough.  If this is the case undo and start twisting the ropes again.

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What goes into the dilly bag?

1 x -plastic plate, side plate, pudding bowl, drinking cup.
1 x metal- knife, fork, spoon and tea spoon.
1 x sit upon.
1 x ballerina sponge for tea towel.
if necessary 1 x own pair of rubber gloves.

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Pass the mess bag

This game is similar to the Kim’s game.

Bring a mess bag [ also known as a Dilly bag]  to Guides one night with about 20 articles in it.

Pass the bag around the Guides (they must not look).

Now write down all the articles they touched.

Winner is the one with the most correct answers.

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Find the rabbit.

Everyone goes outside while rabbit is hidden. As Guides spot the rabbit, they quietly sit without giving the others any clues. When all Guides have sat down the first guide who sat down says where she sees the rabbit.  If she is correct then the game starts again with this Guide staying in and hiding the rabbit.  Should the guides be wrong then the Guide who sat down tells where the rabbit is hiding.  This carries on until the rabbit’s hiding place is correctly described.

The point of this game is that guides soon learn not to just sit down.  That the game will carry on with out them being the main focus point.  That it is okay to try your Best and not quite get there, then to try again and make better progress. That to an extent failure is a learning exercise.

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Games played by the Hazelwood and Churchill Guides

As time moves on I will be adding more games that have been played in the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide Units, used on camps, been trained with or learned through, activities and so on.  Comments and observations, or variations from the Guides themselves may at times find themselves included.   Feed back would be good.

Accident NearbyA Wicked Stepmother and a Handsome PrinceAfrica, A Participatory Game, Alphabet toss, Alphabetical Game, Anatomy Game, An A.N.Z.A.C. experience wide game, Architect and Builder game, Artifact Mixer GameAustralian Circle Game, Autograph Game,

Ball and Cup Game, Ball in Stocking game ,Ball on loose, Ball relay, Balloon basket ball, Balloon Bursting, Balloon Volley ball, Bag Circle,   Barn Yard bedlam, Beach Treasure Bean Game, Beans game and song, Beast, Bird and Flower gameBlindfold Knotting game, Blind mans Bluff

Cap’n  JenksCar Headlines Game, Chain Tiggy , Chinese Dragon Game, Chocolate Game, Cinderalla Game,  Clapping Game ZA MarajahaCrossing the ice, Crows and Cranes

Decoy Cricket, Disaster sceen

Eggs ans Spoon race, Elastics

Face Off, Fairy Godmothers mime, Farmyard Talk,  Fifty Cent GameFind the Rabbit, Fish Tail, Fishing Game, Flood water  is rising,  Follow the instructions, Follow the Leader Campfire Game, Friendship Recipe,  Frisbee,  Fugitives Game, Full the bucket, Further Preparations for Turkey.

Ghost BustersGrandpa JingleGuarding the LighthouseGuide Law Monopoly,  Guide Promise GameGumnut, Gumnut Guide,

Hare and Hounds, Highest to lowest,  Hopping Sticks, Hot Box

Iceblocking, Infiltration ,InPound, out of the Pond,Invisible knot game,

Jolly Miller

Kangaroo Skiparoo, Kick Ball, Kidnap game,  Kim’s game , Knots Game, Knots XXX

Land before time, Les Grelots, Loading up the water game, Lost Slipper

Memory name game, Musical Ball and Chocolate gameMusical Statues,

OctopusOlave Baden-Powell Game, One Survival Game

Passing through the loopPatrol fires, Phillipine rod skipping, Pick up sticks, Princess ‘P’ and Pirate ‘P’

Quick Pursuit, Quick sight Memory.

Rats and Mice,

Sardines game,  Scarecrow raceSeeing eye dog rally, Settling in at Gallipoli,   Skipping, Soccer, Smile TagSpaghetti Knots, Stand Up, Streets and alleys,

Tarzan in the JungleThe Wicked Stepmother and the Handsome PrinceTidal Wave, Thinking day Relay, Tick tac tocTrust me gameTug of War,

Waves on the beach, Waves GameWhat flies,  What is a minute GameWhat’s in the box, Whistle Rally,  Who will come into my Guide Ring?, Word Memory

Through out this site there are articles written about what we as guide leaders of over 20 years experience in Guiding have seen. Either as youth members ourselves, or what our daughters, their friends and other Guides have done or written from both a Leader of Youth or a District Leaders perspective.

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You will need each guide to use their own scarf [or not be blind folded for Occupational health and Safety reasons] and some obstacles scattered around the room.

Make an obsticle course. The obstacle course could consist of stepping over, around, and under obstacles.

Patrols or teams line up in relay formation.

Person 1 is blindfolded, while person 2 guides no. 1 through an obstacle course and back.

Then person 2 is blindfolded, and person 3 guides them through, etc. until everyone has a turn.

Note:  Guiding someone may be light touch on the shoulders, holding the hand, through word and descriptions.

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The slipper pattern

Im not sure which Guiding in Australia this pattern came out of but the older Guides had a lot of warm feet that year. One enterprising Guide used the pattern and gave slippers to an opportunity shop. These were the ones that she made [or did not finish] in time for the end of the year celebrations.

Fundraising was talked about as the young teenage Guides were working out what it would take to start an enterprise and make dollars from their ideas. After a few weeks something else came up and the Unit meeting times took this on board.

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Spaghetti knots

Using spaghetti as a training aid is a cheap training aid.  A method of not having to remember to replace bits of string. This is a fun but  messy learning activity.

Cook the spaghetti. While cooking add a very little bit of oil. The oil enables the spaghetti to not bind together in a clump which in turn makes this a usable training aid.

Practice the knots with the cooked spaghetti and let these knots dry out.

To have different colors add a small half drop of vegetable dye while cooking the spaghetti.  When the spaghetti is dry you have your different colours easily making the ‘string’ practicing at home easier to follow.

P.S. do not over do the food dye as it will stain the hands, clothes and so forth if there is too much liquid around the spaghetti when tying!

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Ways to learn knots

There are many ways of passing on knot knowledge.  Even passing on experiences of what happens when the wrong knot is used, how not to tie a knot, cords to long, rope to worn and so on.  If you have a tale to tell our avid young learners please make a comment.

Corrected version of tying diagram for Albrigh...
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Baking the knots   [bread, Scone..]

Basic rope and knot terms used often and correctly.

Comparison of old or another countries badge syllabus for their Guide levels

Emergency rescue games

First aid lessons :Using ‘realistic‘ first aid and then tying slings, making ring knots,

Flags, flag pole construction

Friendship bracelets

Gadget making


Go fishing.

Hints and tips

Jewelery making


Lanyard making


Make fishing lines

Problem Based learning challenges.



Selected few to learn

Sewing and needle work.

Spaghetti knots

Survival Activities needing knots / rope work

Tent erection

The invisible knot

Water Safety

Water Survival

Wide Games

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The invisible knot game.

Once basic knots have been practiced using the ‘What’s in the box’ game as a training aid is a challenge for both Guides and Leaders.

The person [Guide or Leader] running the invisible knots game should be well practiced in the knot that is being ‘presented’.

Several avenues may be used.

guess the knot.

    The guides may ask questions like what is it used for?  Is the knot a stopper knot?  How many pieces of string /
     rope make up the knot?

Hot or cold

Have the Guides ask question about what the knot looks like. .  They are then going to places in the  room where the knot is [picture, on board etc].  If they are really hot can they further describe the knot that they see?  Does this description fit with the invisible knot ?  Now do this again with another knot.

The invisible knot game reinforces what to look for and how to identify knots seen and used.

When playing the invisible knot game start off with simple knots such as the stopper knot, the half knot, the overhand knot, double over hand knot, thief knot, reef knot / flat knot and move into slightly more difficult knot identification as the skills basis grows.

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