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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

The invisible knot game.

Once basic knots have been practiced using the ‘What’s in the box’ game as a training aid is a challenge for both Guides and Leaders.

The person [Guide or Leader] running the invisible knots game should be well practiced in the knot that is being ‘presented’.

Several avenues may be used.

guess the knot.

    The guides may ask questions like what is it used for?  Is the knot a stopper knot?  How many pieces of string /
     rope make up the knot?

Hot or cold

Have the Guides ask question about what the knot looks like. .  They are then going to places in the  room where the knot is [picture, on board etc].  If they are really hot can they further describe the knot that they see?  Does this description fit with the invisible knot ?  Now do this again with another knot.

The invisible knot game reinforces what to look for and how to identify knots seen and used.

When playing the invisible knot game start off with simple knots such as the stopper knot, the half knot, the overhand knot, double over hand knot, thief knot, reef knot / flat knot and move into slightly more difficult knot identification as the skills basis grows.

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