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Ways to learn knots

There are many ways of passing on knot knowledge.  Even passing on experiences of what happens when the wrong knot is used, how not to tie a knot, cords to long, rope to worn and so on.  If you have a tale to tell our avid young learners please make a comment.

Corrected version of tying diagram for Albrigh...
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Baking the knots   [bread, Scone..]

Basic rope and knot terms used often and correctly.

Comparison of old or another countries badge syllabus for their Guide levels

Emergency rescue games

First aid lessons :Using ‘realistic‘ first aid and then tying slings, making ring knots,

Flags, flag pole construction

Friendship bracelets

Gadget making


Go fishing.

Hints and tips

Jewelery making


Lanyard making


Make fishing lines

Problem Based learning challenges.



Selected few to learn

Sewing and needle work.

Spaghetti knots

Survival Activities needing knots / rope work

Tent erection

The invisible knot

Water Safety

Water Survival

Wide Games

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