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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Setting out to do “my best” is just what the Dr ordered.

In 2009 a Gipps Guide [18 to 29 year old] seriously stated that she would like to learn about etiquette. Alarm bells rang for me.  I stopped what I was doing  with flash backs of my own life coming from now where.

In February 1991 a gravel track and trailer were on my side of the road, as the van I was driving was travelling slowly [ having just restarted the van it was a first gear to second gear change occurring at about 3 to 4 km /ph… going up hill while towing a trailer].  The long and short of this incident was that I lost thirty-one years of memories.

This being the case it took me many tries and frustrations at trying to remember who I was, what I could do and what I actually was.  When our oldest daughter joined brownie guides I was the one studying the handbooks.  From here I realised that I needed to learn to light a fire, that cooked the food and warmed the heater.  The badge section gave me a step by step learning pathway. As all the children learned how to cook the cook badge was a good beginning one for her to start from.  Mind you the house orderly one took several determined attempts on her behalf.

Our daughter then wanted to do the hostess badge.  What and how to practice was an issue. As a family we had only three visitors who came to the house in three years.  Our friends from previous times down the road, the people who were in the house before us and later on when our children were not doing schooling by correspondence the primary schools head mistress come visiting too.

I began to read with the children children’s books.  One was on table setting, another on etiquette. So our family practiced these things. I read different books that filled in the missing etiquette gaps.  Books on hosting different parties, recipes, family get together’s. Twenty years later when the time and setting is right these early learned things come out and are practiced once again.

With this flash back my insight to her declaration of intent is understandable. Now as a District Leader what was I going to do about this statement? How could I do something that she, and other like her, would benefit by participation?

As a member of the Gipp’s Guides is has automatically become a member of the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District Team.  As such, she is organising a Sub Committee her self, and has been invited onto another Sub Committee.

Now it is known that what one learns in area we carry that learning into another area.  So, under Nerida,  the Morning Tea sub committee is being organised and shaped up.  Firstly the paper work is being worked on. The sub-committee is aware of what is expected of them. The recipes for the pikelets, scones, jelly slice and brownie cheesecakeare in, equipment in the office and kitchen has been noted, cupboards at the office checked over, the shopping list is to be written out. The SWOT has been updated from a week ago.  Invitations to the Morning Teas subcommittee for a hello coffee and chat before the event have been issued by Nerida. The imput suggestions have been acted upon.  the seeds for at least another two Morning Teas have been planted.  The jobs to do are being worked on. Someones helping with the food preparations, another is working on activities during the Morning Tea. Someone had to do the taste testing as the recipes tested out in Nerida’s home[?wonder who got that job?]. Ideas are being put forward on dress presentation for the Morning Tea. Simple things like being dressed to quietly impress. And theres a coffee morning at the ‘Scary Fairy Cafe” in the Hazelwood Plaza a few days after… just to have an evaluation time apparently.

So the twelve rules for bring the best out of people have already started to be implemented. However what does this have to do with etiquette?  Simple. At the back each members head is what is my need, what will I get out of this, where will this take me.  If a young brownie guide can earn her hostess, cooks and he house orlery badge then this gives a stepping stone to how a Gipp’s Guide can learn and absorb etiquette.

The standards are being set and the members of the team and invited guests will respond. Once a thing is done one and then repeated again and again kinesthetic learning has occurred.

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Old Brownie Badge : House Orderly.

From and old 1984 Australain Brownie Guide Handbook part 2.

Help at home in the following ways and be ready to show or tell the assessor what you have done or can do.

  1. Clean a fireplace and lay and light a fire or clean a cupboard, washing shelves or clean a bath or handbasin.
  2. Sweep and dust a room.
  3. Wash your socks.
  4. Make your own bed for a week.
  5. Wash up the dinner dishes and the cooking utensils.
  6. Clean brass or copper, silver and / or cutlery.

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12 ways to get the best out of people.

  1. Expect the best out of the people you lead.

  2. Make a through study out of other peoples needs.

  3. Establish high standards for excellence.

  4. Create an environment where failure is not fatal.

  5. If they are going anywhere near where you want to go, climb on other people’s bandwagons.

  6. Employ models  to encourage success.

  7. Recognize and applaud achievement.

  8. Employ a mixture of positive and negative reinforcement.

  9. Appeal sparingly to the competitive urge.

  10. place a premium on collaboration.

  11. Build into the group an allowance for storms.

  12. Take steps to keep your own motivation high.

    Copied from clear-vision.com.au

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The old Brownie Guide Badge : Hostess

This syllabus was from the 1984 copy of the Australian Brownie Guide Hand book  part 2.
  1. Welcome and look after a guest, or guests, either in your own home or at a party or a brownie event.
  2. Serve a hot drink and food you have prepared yourself 9e.g. sandwiches, pikelets or small cakes]
  3. Write letter:       a) inviting a friend to tea.  b) saying than you to your hostess for a visit. c) accepting an invitation.

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Old Brownie Guide Badge syllabus : Cook

In thew 1984 Brownie guide badge book the following is what Brownie Guide had to do for her Cook’s badge.

Help at home by doing the following and be ready to do any of them at the assessment.

  1. Fry or scramble an egg or cook bacon, sausage, or something similar, and be able to make toast.
  2. Prepare and boil potatoes and one other vegetable and / or prepare a salad.
  3. Stew fruit and make a jelly.
  4. Make scones, small cakes or pikelets.
  5. Clean and wash up all cooking utensils and leave the kitchen tidy.

I always did wonder about the people with dietary intolerance such as vegetarians, gluten free diet requirements, wheat allergies, egg allergies,  etc.  At least one only had to make the items… not eat them.

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Jelly Slice


3 or 4 packets of Jelly.

1 packet flat Wafers or Waffles [Approx 80g]

  1. Mix the first jelly in a bowl.  When the first jelly is set then in a new bowl mix the second jelly.
  2. Now pour second jelly onto the first.
  3. Mix the third jelly flavour and pour over the first on that has set.
  4. Repeat this for the fourth jelly layer too.
  5. When the layers are set and ready grab your base and cut to size. [Smaller sized pieces are easier to manage.]
  6. Hold together with half jelly amount.
  7. Let the holding jelly set the base and the layers together.
  8. When set cut and serve.

Note: if the base is not needed don’t fuss because it works with or without a base.

Alteration – use chopped /sliced up fruit in the setting jelly.

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Altering past activities to fit with what is happening today.

When something has been done before, it can be done again.  Altered or replicated to fit todays activities, event or dream. Sometimes taking things that have worked from one thing, pooling these working ideas together gives a starting point from which dreams or gaols have a pathway to follow. These ‘things’ may come from all places that have influenced the Guide to that point.  For example, the family environment, media, education, sports, clubs, Guiding, the Guides own interests, skills and hobbies, and peer group beliefs. Bring things to the ‘front’, then making informed choices on what to include or exclude and why, is the point of brainstorming at the beginning of any planning session for activities, events, services or camps.

At the beginning of 2010 the Hazelwood and Churchill Guides were discussing what they would like to achieve through Guiding.  The discussion was actually part of figuring what they wanted to do towards the sections of the Centenary Challenge badge.

Further into the discussion there came a point where the Guides were asked what had actually brought them into Guides? Of the Guides who were there, they answered that they were invited to the Disco or the DVD evening.  Both held during mid 2009. At that point the Guides decided that they would run a Disco and have another Popcorn and DVD night later in the term.  These things the Guides knew had happened well.  They were there after all enjoying themselves. So now we have a Disco coming up on May 15th.

The Guides want to go canoeing over the summer.  For this they have been told that there needs to be a greater number of Guides who can paddle and swim.  Swim… That means getting ‘weeeeet’ , actually proving by doing the pool lengths required , even its dog paddling style and “that life saving stuff”. Those who do not have a current certain ability level this are not able to go canoeing.  So the water badge has been started!

Taking these inexperienced Guides on camps just yet is not on the drawing board until they have had more experience.  So overnight stays are being organised over each school holiday. Each one having interesting outcomes which are in turn built upon for the next overnight stay. The adults using the SWOT’s to further evaluate and guide the Guides in their future activities.

In November there are the Ev Graham training days [9 yrs to 15 yrs old] and Shindig [13 to 29’s year olds]  These Guides are already under training for these overnight stays, State Camps and Baw Baw Region Based training days.

Training, when it involves working / learning with tangible stepping stones gives both the Guides and Trainee Leaders confidence in what they have done.  Something that they can then step onto as their learning curves broaden then merge.

You may wonder why starting a Girl off at a very young age [at five they are able to be registered] in the Guiding movement is a positive move.  Never doubt that while they appear to be involved somewhere on the periphery of the activities, these young Guides have ownership of the whole program.  The program, the med=tods used, the greater understanding of the why. wherefore, the Guiding Promise and the Laws, is just a norm for them. Hence the really special reason as to why the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District has been concentrating on helping the Gipp’s Guides and the District Team become active. To these small Guides they [ the District Team, the Gipp’s Guides, and the older youth members] are just an extension of what they themselves are doing.

Move right over people the world is my oyster is ownership. What’s been done before can be done again only better.

And in the distance we parents can still hear “Now where did I put my teddy bear?  Mum where’s my ted…dy  teddy bear.”

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You can do it.

If you can imagine, you can achieve it.

If you can dream it, you can become it.

What ever you can do, or dream, you can begin it.

Goethe.  Smoke Signal Newsletter of the Baw Baw Outdoor Activities Committee Term 1 2008 p 1

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Gadget and tent overnight stay.

July 8th and 9th 2010

Hazelwood South Hall, Tramway Road, Churchill.  3842

[Note this overnight stay is not at the office in Glendonald]

Cost $20.00 per Guide

Follow the links for further information

Knots to practice and become familiar with

Kit bag for camp

Menu chosen for ideas put forward


Service to community chosen = Jump Rope for Heart.

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Never be afraid to…

If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces,

Never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again.

Guides are shown how to have a dream, shape the vision this dream becomes, follow and create the end results.  Sometimes the outcomes are not what was envisioned in the beginning. Having a desire and the ability to bounce back, evaluate, try again a little differently, with changes of people, skills, or motivation is another learning factor the Guides are shown. Guides gain resilience, and the desire to do it again.

Weedon., Flavia.  Smoke Signal Newsletter of the Baw Baw Outdoor Activities Committee Term 1 2008 p 1

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