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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Guidings ‘New Way’ Badges concepts were before their time.

I’m looking at a really old [well 1984] Brownie Guide badge book. In this are a few badges that are as relevant in the home that I grew up in as they were when they were written.  Mind you the homelife I was brought up in was definately of the English orientation.  So if there were bits aletered though the badges leaving the essence of the badge the same would all the badges be the same today as they were then.

I feel the answer to this question  is NO.  Australia have undergone many radiacal change since those of English heritage and the others who came through England to become settlers in Australia, then having the Australian Government formally passing a law that ‘gave  the Australian Aborginals the right to be viewed as Australians”  [Which I must say sounds strange since the Australian Aborginals were here centeraries before the European settlers.]

Suffice to say that when the ‘New Way’ came into being [early 1990’s] Girl Guides Australia were taking a brave step forward.  Where the old badges reflected the ‘traditional home life of “Mother England” the new badges allow for more than one culture, heritage, religion and tradition to be present within any one Unit meeting time.

However the old badges did serve their purpose for some.  Even today these badges may be utilized as stepping stone for all manner of ages, head injury and memory loss challenges, and maybe, as a small guideline for people who are starting to learn new skills.


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