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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

General Tips when showing how to use rope and tie knots.

Use a rope or cord of a suitable thickness.

Always use the short end of the rope for tying a knot.

When teaching knots, have the learners stand alongside you so that they may follow your movements without having to reverse them.

Once the basics have been shown cement the knowledge in through using a variety

  • of games [care of skipping ropes, obstical courses, making a mobile, use of lollies, wide games]
  • as well as the making of camp equipment and gadgets [tripod,  benches, shoe rack, cooking stand, utensil stand, entrances, dilly bag line, news                                       board,   flag pole]
  • and general items use [ making a shelter, securing loads, transporting loads, ].
  • Strange stories but true.  [Your experiences …what went right  or wrong]
  • Relate the experience of others through out the history of Human kind [the tragedies, efforts and survival extremes, celebration of lives saved, war,
  • Change the way you show rope and knot work so that it suits the learners abilities.
  • Take into account their possible disadvantages.
  • Give the Guides the knowledge that they have governance of what they want to achieve.

Work towards some over all project

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