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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Pre-learning for water craft adventures.

Jumping into a canoe and paddling into the wilderness with no training or basic understanding of water craft basics is a recipe for disaster.  So when the Hazelwood and Churchill  Guides want to prepare themselves for water craft activities there are things that they must learn, respect, do and prove the knowing off.

These things fall into the overlapping catergories of :

Water safety,

A certain proven mobility in the water.

Craft safety,

Knowing whats where on the craft.

Team safety and respect of others.

Knowing your own limits,

Team work,

Knowing emergency signals,

How to have safe fun,

Where to draw the line on your own behavior.

Some idea on weather conditions.

What are you actually sitting in     : canoe, kayak, dingy. sail boat, motor boat.


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  1. […] that all is done that can and will be done for that activity to the utmost safe level in what ever activity they are participating […]

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