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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

What’s happening around Hazelwood South Hall.

Over the last few weeks the volunteers from the Hazelwood South Hall sub-committee and others from the District Team have been busy with  maintenance at the Hazelwood South Hall making two garden beds at the front entrance, getting rid of  or recycling bricks, creating a ‘brickery’, transplant saplings shrubs and raking out the leaf mulch from the shrubs around [recycling this into the ‘Brickery’] and digging into a pile of tan bark that was kindly donated and needed to be used.

The saplings are to stand in good stead of a fence running between the back farmers fence and the Hazelwood South Reserve towards the lone shrub planted fifteen years ago near the back of the Hazelwood South Hall. The hope is that the wet season will encourage the re-rooting to occur significantly that come summer they may survive.

What has happened now that the Hazelwood District Team has recognized where it stood and what it stood in they Leaders have completed a written needs analysis, has a direction to go,  various strategies are identified to work with, people are coming together an inclusive pathway has been developed. The Hazelwood South Hall is beginning to be pushed into an SWOT opportunity category. With more work then it will be in a strength category. the history behind and the knowledge and enthusium, belief behind the improvements to be made needed to be understood and known by all stakeholders should  the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District go forward..

When the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide Unit began to pull together the Hazelwood South Hall improvements would begin to happen.  These are slowly  happening now. The work towards improving the Hazelwood South Hall  outcomes are looking positive.  One step at a time the Hazelwood South Hall  improvements will be seen..

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The story behind improvements at the Hazelwood South Hall.

A piece of history that needed to be recorded with regard to what we, the leases of the Hazelood South Hall, may do with/ to the Hall and land the Hazelwood South Hall sits on.
Debbie Gallagher and Tom Lawless arranged a meeting with the Department of Sustainability and Environment lady, myself and Lisa Price [mayor at time]  Lisa Price had kindly offered to chair the meeting.  Which once it got started went for maybe five minutes.
We were all stilling there waiting for the DSE person to arrive.  I explained things to Lisa.  Brought her up to date with what had happened since the last meeting [about four years before].  I come this lady and down she dumps about a foot and a half of document.  Do I ask what the documents were for?  Oh Course I do.  Turns out they were the files relating to the Hazelwood South Hall.  Mind you I then say that “are they now complete since I sent them the copies of the Hall layout, water and pump lines etc”.  Ouch… if looks could kill.
Any way the DSE rep stated that under no circumstances could we rent out the hall to non members of the Girl Guides….Soccer club had been complaining see.  Actually Soccer Club wanted us out so that they could have the hall themselves.
I asked what was the problem. The response to the accusation that we were ‘renting it out to non Guide members’ was countered with ‘no we are not.  Prove it.” [Similar words to this] Before she could say anything else I asked the DSE rep just what was a Girl Guide? Who could be members of Girl Guides?  What did she actually understand about Girl Guides?
Then again before the DSE rep could answer these I thought I would share with here the following…  “Especially since the District Team could be anyone over 18 years of age who was either a full member or an associated member.”
Strange at this point in time the DSE rep picked up her files and walked out.  no argument forth coming.
Lisa and I just looked at each other.  Not one word was said and no one laughed.  We knew then what we had uncovered.
Tomorrow I will be down at the Hall again.  Today all I did was transplant five little shrubs between the shrub nearest the back door area and the corner fence pole of the farm/reserve.  What better fence line than a suggested one.  Especially since when the orginial shrubs were, given to us by the Latrobe Shire [Latrobe City Council now]and were meant to be natives of this area, to be planted 15 years ago around the reserve between the Soccer ground and the Haxelwood South Hall. They even lent us the tools to dig the holes for the seedlings and supplied the stakes. When we arrived back at Guides the next week most of the shrubs had been removed by pulling them out or driven over.  The stakes were thrown all over the show.
Over the next weeks most of the rest of the shrubs and their stakes had gone too.
Were they taken out by people unknown. ????
given the history what would have been our response to every thing been and gone and our further responses.

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Creating a ‘feel safe’ chain with any Guiding activity.

Being involved in activities when there is no clear, or known, safety back up is like bungy jumping with a frayed rope. Standards and Guidelines are there for a reason. Being trained with these safety measures ensures your own, the participants, adults and Youth] and other stack holders the knowledge that all is done that can and will be done for that activity to the utmost safe level in what ever activity they are participating in..

At the least the stake holders in any activity are yourself, the rest of the team members, the organisation you represent, the other major influencing orgasnisations or departments, the parents and the participants.

While organising any activity there are safety factors to include. These may be as simple as repeating affirmations about being in the dark, road safety rules that include the count of participants, knowing how to store and prepare food and when to throw food items out, right through to how and when to strike a match for toasted marsh mellows and the reenforcement of safety procedures at an event/ camp or the practical planning of the event.

Knowing what theses safety factors are are the standards that you meet. For instance going on camp the Guides need to know that there are people there that they can turn to with safety quearies and issues.  That if the first person the approach is obviously unable to assist at that time then there is antoher person to approach. Say their friend has as much limited knowledge then they can go to the Patrol Leader or another experienced camper. No luck here going to an older Guide or a sub-camp leader or even the Camp Leader in Charge.

The act of the Guide asking questions and getting answers which themselves are helpful, practical and informative is something to be desired and encouraged by the person that the answer is sort by. As such encouraging the Guides to ask questions is part of pre-camp training. As a flexible aged trained Leader there are many levels in which the feel safe campaign is shown to the Guides and their parents.  Everything from making had drawings to programs towards the event and then writing SWOT lists from which areas are encouraged to be though about, acted upon and evaluated from to having a particular risk analysis list and having these on display at the event.

These SWOTs are  taught through all levels of Guiding in the Hazelwood and Churchill District as they are used from the Youth members to those on the District Team.

An experienced Leader will be encouraging their Leaders-in-training down to the very Guides themselves to feel safe, ask the questions, be prepared to action the results, to compliment, encourage this and further feel safety issues. Acknowledge the Guides learning capacity is great value.

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A Guide to creating a Safety Hand for each Guide

When involved with discussions around the themes of ‘Myself’, ‘who am I’ or am I feeling safe’ I have found a simple activity is to ask each Guide to draw around their own hand. This act concentrated the following actions as to be seen through their eyes.

An another piece of paper the have drawn all the people that they feel have influence on their lives.

Now they are asked to cut out five of these people who they feel they can go to if they have a special something to share.

A few weeks later the same activity is repeated.  The emphasis is now on who can they feel safe with to tell a ‘being safe’ feeling too.

Depending on their reactions to the above some of the Guides may feel the need to draw another hand for their eyes only on ‘who can I tell when I do not feel safe.’ As a person implementing this ‘safe’ and ‘feel safe ‘ record be sure to direct or to let the discussion flow creatively.  Use the Guides descriptions of who and what might be safe.  Each Guide will have different thought s and stories on the topic.

As most Guide Leaders have limitations re the information that is given to us during the discussions suggest that the Guides show and talk to one of the people they described during the first , definitely the second hand picture made.

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Outcomes of the external toilet block being demolished.

  1. Many volunteers have lent their support to the demolishion and removal of the external toilet block.
  2. Some business have donated their labor costs for the same.
  3. Upfront cash donation to Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District $2220.00 [broken into $80.00 for electrician to disconnect the outside light attached to the external toilet walls, $290.00 for the plumber to find and cap the galvinised water pipe, $700.00 for demolision, $650.00 off unit costs and $500.00 for slacking of bricks.
  4. Further running costs were to support refreshments and food for volunteers doing various odd jobs around the removal of mortar from the bricks.
  5. Complaints from the Churchill Soccer Club re loss of use old the external toilet block facilities.
  6. Complaints directed via Latrobe City Council from a near by farmer and different members of the Churchill Soccer Club re the children from the Churchill Soccer Club playing on the stacked bricks.
  7. Stacked bricks being mysteriously knocked over and dislodged from stacked pile.
  8. As it turns out the Ideas for extension plans that were drawn up are currently a no hoper.  There is too many steps for the few volunteers to tackle the Latrobe City Council so other these plans have had to be sidelined for a few years.
  9. The inability to properly maintain the area around the ‘piles’of bricks.
  10. Recycling the of the bricks for pathways, BBQ’s, garden walls, compost storage, garden boarders.
  11. Our old ‘closed off’ septic storage location was found on the Hazelwood South Reserve.
  12. Reusing the old external toilet block concrete slab for a base of  the ‘gorilla garden’.
  13. Weight loss and exercise!  There was lots of swinging the arms etc when moving the bricks.
  14. Extension of job for the morning tea sub-committee…. oh lunch was beautiful.. and much needed too.
  15. Different hazelwood South Hall fundraising projects have been aired and taken on.
  16. Volunteer audit has begun via Guide Centre in 2010.
  17. Rubbish removal by volunteers occurred several times.
  18. The donated tan bark has been used between the front entrances and the “brickery” construction.
  19. The old carpet previously stored in the external toilets was recycled.
  20. A small Jerry can of petrol was found in the bushes and given to the District Leader for safe keeping.
  21. The front entrances to the Hazelwood South Hall have been created.
  22. the community garden idea has become a ‘Why don’t we plant herbs” idea.
  23. A ‘brickery’ has been built [allias Gorilla garden]
  24. Frogs saved and relocated.
  25. The standards for the maintenance of the Hazelwood South Hall are easier to want to be kept. The front and the back already look good so it makes it easier to keep looking good.
  26. Native tree line along the boundary between the Hazelwood South Hall and the Hazelwood South Reserve will gradually begin.
  27. The SWOT of the Hazelwood South Hall has altered .  The Brickery and the front entrances have moved into the Strength and Opportunity boxes.
  28. Some of the objectives from the upgrading of the Hazelwood and Churchill District guides have occurred.

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The ‘brickery’ nearly completed

It’s May 2010 and finally the last of the external toilet bricks have found a home. From the time the external toilet walls were taken down [before they fell down] a few years ago till today the area has been a cause for concern. Now that the end of the ‘pull down the external toilet block project has occurred there are so many outreaching outcomes resulting that a great deal of good has occurred.

In a few weeks time a fundraiser is taking place.  The front entrances gardens needed revamping once again and the last of the bricks needed a home.  The front entrance took volunteers a half day.

In despair the bricks at the back of the Hazelwood South Hall were looked at once again.  A light went on.  Why move the rest of the bricks away when this would add ‘dump’ costs to the bill already associated to these bricks. If any of the guides could make it there they would be working toward the ‘Looking after our World’ section of the Centenary Challenge award.  There were apologies from three of the older Guides. Hockey for one and a family trip to Melbourne for the other two  were the reasons for their non attendance.

A few years ago a local tree cutting company delivered a few loads of tan bark.  This year another load turned up.  The need to use this by the next fundraising venture became pressing.

Now there was literally no money, time, plenty of bricks not yet recycled, and tan bark along with a concrete slab that had sharp thing like the cemented in build connections down under the floor.   Thankfully a bit of lateral thinking occurred.  Rather than remove all the bricks and run out of time, money, energy and being unable to lend character to the area why not make a rock garden type of garden?  There were already two piles of brick pieces and mortar on the slab.  Three piles near it. If all the bricks around were placed back onto the floor slab on ‘mountains’ and tan bar in the ‘valleys’ created, then add a two brick high wall around, Thats where the Gorilla Garden concept came back.  The idea took hold.

Another Saturday was coming up.  Could we get more volunteers to assist?

As it turned out the District Leader was held up at work so turned up late [10.53am].  Therefor it is not known if people turned up at 10.30am. Being the only one there the logical thing was to get started. The pile of pieces of bricks nearest the slab floor was tackled.  These part bricks and pieces of mortar went into creating another ‘mountain’ on the slab floor. Half way through this pile three more adults and two young children turned up

One pile of bricks was done then another was tackled.  The left over mortar from the first was racked onto the slab area.  Then the remaining was shoveled onto the mountain too.

Most of the broken bricks were moved over to the floor slab.  That left pieces of mortar lying around.  Towards the end of the day another 400 odd bricks went away for some job or other.  The remaining bricks will either go to another mans home for a brick BBQ area to be made there.  Or they will end up in the “brickery”

Over the next few days the

  • Most of the remaining mortar will have been picked up and recycled.
  • The rest of the tan bark will be shovelled up and be on the ‘brickery’.
  • The grass area around will be down and maintained.
  • The Blackberry near the ‘brickery’ will be cut back and poisoned.
  • A rubbish to the dump trip will be done.
  • A few small trees will be relocated along the boundary between the Hazelwood South reserve and the Hack of the Hazelwood South Hall..

At this point the muscles may be making themselves known to a few of the volunteers, but the knowledge that one of the outcomes from the end of the project has the Hazelwood and Churchill District Guides upgrading and recreating objectives being achieved coming closer. The Hazelwood and Churchill District Guide members using the Hazelwood South Hall will find it easier to maintain the Hazelwood South Hall as a standard measure of presentation and looking neat and tidy is already been set.

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