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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

A Guide to creating a Safety Hand for each Guide

When involved with discussions around the themes of ‘Myself’, ‘who am I’ or am I feeling safe’ I have found a simple activity is to ask each Guide to draw around their own hand. This act concentrated the following actions as to be seen through their eyes.

An another piece of paper the have drawn all the people that they feel have influence on their lives.

Now they are asked to cut out five of these people who they feel they can go to if they have a special something to share.

A few weeks later the same activity is repeated.  The emphasis is now on who can they feel safe with to tell a ‘being safe’ feeling too.

Depending on their reactions to the above some of the Guides may feel the need to draw another hand for their eyes only on ‘who can I tell when I do not feel safe.’ As a person implementing this ‘safe’ and ‘feel safe ‘ record be sure to direct or to let the discussion flow creatively.  Use the Guides descriptions of who and what might be safe.  Each Guide will have different thought s and stories on the topic.

As most Guide Leaders have limitations re the information that is given to us during the discussions suggest that the Guides show and talk to one of the people they described during the first , definitely the second hand picture made.


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