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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Creating a ‘feel safe’ chain with any Guiding activity.

Being involved in activities when there is no clear, or known, safety back up is like bungy jumping with a frayed rope. Standards and Guidelines are there for a reason. Being trained with these safety measures ensures your own, the participants, adults and Youth] and other stack holders the knowledge that all is done that can and will be done for that activity to the utmost safe level in what ever activity they are participating in..

At the least the stake holders in any activity are yourself, the rest of the team members, the organisation you represent, the other major influencing orgasnisations or departments, the parents and the participants.

While organising any activity there are safety factors to include. These may be as simple as repeating affirmations about being in the dark, road safety rules that include the count of participants, knowing how to store and prepare food and when to throw food items out, right through to how and when to strike a match for toasted marsh mellows and the reenforcement of safety procedures at an event/ camp or the practical planning of the event.

Knowing what theses safety factors are are the standards that you meet. For instance going on camp the Guides need to know that there are people there that they can turn to with safety quearies and issues.  That if the first person the approach is obviously unable to assist at that time then there is antoher person to approach. Say their friend has as much limited knowledge then they can go to the Patrol Leader or another experienced camper. No luck here going to an older Guide or a sub-camp leader or even the Camp Leader in Charge.

The act of the Guide asking questions and getting answers which themselves are helpful, practical and informative is something to be desired and encouraged by the person that the answer is sort by. As such encouraging the Guides to ask questions is part of pre-camp training. As a flexible aged trained Leader there are many levels in which the feel safe campaign is shown to the Guides and their parents.  Everything from making had drawings to programs towards the event and then writing SWOT lists from which areas are encouraged to be though about, acted upon and evaluated from to having a particular risk analysis list and having these on display at the event.

These SWOTs are  taught through all levels of Guiding in the Hazelwood and Churchill District as they are used from the Youth members to those on the District Team.

An experienced Leader will be encouraging their Leaders-in-training down to the very Guides themselves to feel safe, ask the questions, be prepared to action the results, to compliment, encourage this and further feel safety issues. Acknowledge the Guides learning capacity is great value.


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